14-Year-Old North Dakota Teen Killed In Random Attack While Skateboarding At Strip Mall

A random vicious attack left a 14-year-old Fargo, North Dakota teen dead.

According to Fox News, Daisy “Jupiter” Paulsen was killed in a random attack that lasted nearly 20 minutes in which she was beaten, choked, and stabbed over 20 times.

On Tuesday, the victim was declared brain-dead four days after the assault. Her family is now working on donating her organs, the local news outlet The Forum stated.

Arthur Prince Kollie, 23, now faces a murder charge, including robbery and aggravated assault, a Cass County prosecutor stated.

Kollie told investigators that he used methamphetamine the day before the attack but denied having any involvement in the attack. However, he did admit that he was walking in the area where the assault occurred, but he did not “recall” when asked about it.

Kollie was already on probation for his role in a 2017 assault on a peace officer.

Jupiter was in the area skateboarding from her dad’s house to her mom’s around 7 am Friday when she was assaulted for about 20 minutes. Part of the attack was captured on a nearby surveillance video.

A witness saw a man leaning over the girl with his hand on her nose and the other on her throat and called 911, court documents stated. The worker tried to perform CPR on the young girl.

The suspect left the scene but was located at a nearby Walmart. Footage shows him grabbing new clothes and putting them on in a changing room before leaving without paying.

Police also discovered his discarded shoes and blood-soaked clothes in the changing room.

When Kollie was told he was under arrest for robbery and attempted murder, Kollie reportedly responded: “Attempted murder, as is she alive? Or what? What does attempted murder mean?”

On Monday, Jupiter’s dad posted an update to an online fundraiser, saying: “We just got word from the Doctor today that Our baby girl is too far gone, and there isn’t anything they can do. Just to gather family and to say our goodbyes.”

Her organs were donated once she was taken off life support.

“It means the world to me that part of her is going to be out in the world-saving lives and to be able to share that with somebody, to be able to help somebody, she would have loved that, she would have wanted that. So her wishes are also my wishes,” her mother said,

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