15 Young Men And Teens Busted For Murders And Shooting In Takedown of Brooklyn Gang

15 Young Men And Teens Busted For Murders And Shooting In Takedown of Brooklyn Gang

On Wednesday, the NYPD and Brooklyn District Attorney announced the arrests of more than a dozen gangbangers for their roles in a rash of shootings and killings in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn.

According to the New York Daily News, the group of 15 young men and teenage boys reportedly a part of an umbrella group called the 900 Gang that operated out of public housing complexes in Bed-Stuy were taken into custody, officials announced.

Investigators claim the gang would ruthlessly shoot at members of rival gangs on sight to establish territorial dominance.

Law enforcement officials say the shootings spanned from various neighborhoods, including Clinton Hill to Bushwick, as the gang rivalries spilled into surrounding areas — leaving a trail of dead and wounded young men in their wake.

Prosecutors claim the 900 Gang was composed of smaller affiliates, including the Stack Money Goons and Jayson Fam. The gangs allegedly are rivals of another Bed-Stuy crew known as the Hoolies gang.

“There’s no active incident. No active dispute,” Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez said at a press conference, calling it a “senseless” cycle of violence.

One chilling video from October of 2019 showed three 900 Gang members — James Alston, Shawn Singletary, and Jalen Elliot taking part in a brazen shooting in broad-daylight that nearly killed a nearby store owner.

In another video, two males viciously shot one another multiple times outside of a project building as eyewitnesses scrambled for cover.

The 15 males, who range in age from 16-24, were charged with various offenses including attempted murder, murder, conspiracy to commit murder, weapons possession, and other charges in a sweeping 77-count indictment.


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