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19 Individuals Including Celebrities And Business Leaders Indicted On PPP Fraud Charges

Many individuals, including celebrities, were amongst the 19 people indicted on PPP fraud charges.

Authorities tracked false loan applications back to Atlanta-based business consultant Mark C. Mason Jr. The defendant was named an “unindicted co-conspirator” for receiving a “success fee” for each approved loan.

Mark’s current charges stem from submitting PPP loans with false information for his businesses. As well as helping the other defendants submit fraudulent applications. In court documents, the defendants would team up with Mark to create falsified versions of the IRS Form 941. According to authorities, Mark wouldn’t submit the applications to the IRS but a non-bank lender instead. Which, as a result, would notify their homepage with a “fraud alert” warning.

Another case claims Mark was getting signed loan applications from IRS employee Melissa Myrick. However, the applications were missing either number for employees or an average monthly payroll. Eventually, Mark would come up with numbers with the defendants and later provide them with the funds.

Despite the fact that the businesses are located in various locations around the country. The defendants will consequently be charged in Georgia since Mark’s businesses are located in Atlanta. The defendants are being charged by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Northern District of Georgia.

The celebrities amongst the 19 were:

  • Ion Overman, of California, owner of Bryanston Square Inc;
  • Carlos “Clos” Stephens, of Louisiana, owner of 31 Minds LLC;
  • Marvin “Shadi Powers” Lewton, of Georgia, owner of Powers Transport Group LLC and DirtySouthHipHop Online Media Group LLC;
  • Dale Godboldo, of California, owner, and president of Mahout Star LLC;

The complete list of those indicted are:

  • David Burge, of Tennessee, CEO, and president of Elemental Comfort LLC;
  • Gina Destito, of California, owner of HomePoppins.com LLC;
  • Jim White, of New Jersey, owner of AJW Home Services and Design LLC;
  • Richard Mahee, of New Jersey, owner, and president of ARG Media LLC;
  • Kristen Alexander, of Colorado;
  • Morgan Brown, of Tennessee, owner and CEO of BHG LLC;
  • Michael McGee Jr., of Georgia, owner of Arc Michael Logistics LLC;
  • Marcos Soza, of Arizona, owner of Yes Auto Sales Inc;
  • Melissa Myrick, of Florida, an employee with the IRS;
  • Michael Myrick, of Florida, owner of MYCO Enterprises LLC;
  • Kirk Codrington, of North Carolina, owner of KC Global Enterprises Inc;
  • Dereck Clark, of Florida, owner of Dee’s Landscaping LLC;
  • Darius McCants, of Alabama, CEO, and owner of BBF Inc;
  • Dondre Berry, of Georgia, CEO and owner of Houzzit Inc;
  • Mark C. Mason Jr., of Georgia, owner of Atlanta Business Capital.


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