Indie Artist Drops Federal Lawsuit Against 2 Chainz, Offset & YG For Copyright Infringement 

A New York rapper reportedly claimed that 2 Chainz, Offset, and YG stole his musical works without permission in a federal lawsuit. But now, he has decided to drop the suit.

In court documents acquired by The Blast, rapper, Solomon Clanton, aka Slugga, voluntarily dismissed his case against all defendants. He dismissed his claims “without prejudice,” meaning he can file again at a later date.

YG, 2 Chainz and Offset
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The single that Slugga accused the celebrity rappers of infringing upon is called “Proud” released back in 2015. Slugga released his version three years prior to the release of the popular “Proud” single that 2 Chainz, Offset, and YG released in 2018.

The suit reportedly said, “After this song’s release, the hip-hop artist known as 2 Chainz released a song also entitled “Proud,” which featured substantially similar lyrics and music, including the hook and thematic elements.”

Furthermore, “Plaintiffs discovered that since at least March 2018 Defendants have continuously and repeatedly infringed, and are presently infringing, Slugga’s copyright in the Subject Composition, in a song publicly performed by 2 Chainz as part of his highly successful album “The Play Don’t Care Who Makes It.”

Slugga claimed 2 Chainz’s song was very similar to his lyrics and music. He also claimed both songs have the same hooks, “I’m just tryin’ to make my mama proud.” The docs noted, “Both the notes and the words surrounding the principal hook “I’m just tryin’ to make my mama proud” in the Subject Composition and the Infringing Work are identical.”

Slugga allegedly sued 2 Chainz, Offset, and YG for all financial gain made off of their “Proud” single, “a court order declaring him the copyright owner and an injunction against the famous artists.” But now, the rappers have come out victorious, as the suit has been dismissed, for now.

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