2 Chainz Speaks On Kanye West And Lil Wayne's Trump Support

2 Chainz Speaks On Kanye West And Lil Wayne’s Support For Donald Trump: ‘They’re Not My Partners For Based On Their Political Preference’

Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz opens up about his feelings toward Kanye West and Lil Wayne’s support for Donald Trump.

During an appearance with the Breakfast Club, 2 Chainz shared details about his upcoming project So Help Me God, and he also gave his opinion on his two “partners” Yeezy and Weezy. The two artists have one big huge thing in common: they love Trump, and they’ve shown their support for 45 in these past few weeks leading up to the 2020 presidential election.

Charlamagne asked the rapper to speak up on his friends and their political views. ”I don’t know,” Chainz said. “They’re not my partners based on their political preference or their thoughts. They’re my partners because of who they is. They’re my partners because of our relationship, what we’ve built over time.”

He went on to say that regardless of how their political views and how they express themselves politically, he still plans on still being friends with them. “I’m not gon’ stop talking to [Wayne],” he said. ”Whatever Ye goes through, whatever he does. See, the thing about me that I take pride in is my relationships is not industry-based. I don’t have to ever do another song with either one of these cats. We still gonna have a rapport. We still gonna have a relationship. I saw it happen but these folks have grown. You’ll have to ask them what their angle was and what their beliefs was.”

The ATL native then touched on his endorsement of Joe Biden and how meeting Barack Obama was an event that was on his “bucket list.” “That was really on my bucket list,” said 2 Chainz, Complex Media reports. “I admire the guy. I think the thing that I like about him a lot is how well-spoken he is. Especially being that the current president don’t use two-syllable words. Like, literally, T.I.’s vocabulary is bigger than Trump’s, in my personal opinion.”

He added that Jay-Z is ecstatic about So Help Me God, and said that he is still hoping to get a feature from Hov. “As far as trying to get him on something, yes, I’ve given up on that,” Chainz said.

2 Chainz with dog
2 Chainz with dog





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