2 Chainz’s Restaurant Gets Shut Down For Allegedly Breaking COVID-19 Rules, Police Say Restaurant Was “Loud” And “Busy”

Rapper 2Chainz’s restaurant has been shut down because it was allegedly breaking COVID-19 guidelines and being “loud” and “busy.”

While we are still confined to our homes amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Atlanta is back in business, and business is booming for 2 Chainz’s Atlanta-based restaurant Escobar Restaurant & Tapas. However, the business is what got it shut down, according to TMZ. The outlet reports that the dine and hookah spot was shut down Monday night by Georgia State Police.

According to a police report, the authorities drove by the restaurant and “noticed that the location was rather loud, busy, and occupied to be operating as a restaurant at that time of night.” Police report that there numerous customers and lines leading outside of the establishment. Police say they “spoke to the manager before shutting the location down as it was violating executive orders regarding protocol issued due to COVID-19.”

This comes after 2 Chainz decided to wait to reopen his restaurant, initially planning to reopen in late April. However, he decided to participate in feeding the homeless and postpone the restaurant’s reopening to protect his staff. While the state of Georgia has somewhat lifted its lockdown, there are still certain rules businesses must comply with. One of those rules is that there can only be 10 customers max per table for dine-in service, and only 10 customers can be allowed inside per 300 square feet of public space, TMZ reports.

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