20-Year-Old College Female Found Dead In Indiana Dorm Room After Being Diagnosed With Covid-19

A young college female diagnosed with Covid-19 was found dead in her dorm room after quarantining. On October 30, 20-year-old Bethany Nesbitt was discovered on Thursday in her dorm room at Indiana’s Grace College but apparently, according to the Kosciusko Corner, it was due to the coronavirus.

“After a complete investigation and autopsy, the cause of death has been ruled natural due to a pulmonary embolus that had not been previously detected,” Coroner Tony Ciriello said, according to Grace College. “While COVID did play a role in contributing to the death, it was not caused by COVID.” (In case you don’t know what pulmonary embolism is—it’s when blood clots block the pulmonary arteries to the lungs.)

The passing of Nesbitt is a tragedy, she was from Grand Ledge, Michigan, and was currently in her third year at the college, studying Psychology. Her objective was to become a child life specialist, the Charlotte Observer reported.

The news has shattered the hearts of her family and her brother. “Bethany was the baby of our family, the youngest of nine,” Stephen Nesbitt said Tuesday. “She loved Jesus. She loved memes. And she loved her family and friends until the very end.”

Around October 20, Nesbitt came down with Covid-19 symptoms. She eventually got tested but due to a clerical error, her results were not given to her; still, she quarantined in her dorm room. On October 26 she made a trip to the emergency room due to low oxygen levels and was told by a doctor that she probably had the virus. But because it looked like she was recovering from the virus, she left and went back to her dorm room.

“On Oct. 29, she was tested again. The results came back as COVID-positive after her death,” her family said. “That night, Bethany watched Netflix and went to bed. She was found deceased at 10 a.m. on Oct. 30.”

The school said she will be remembered: “as an exceptionally thoughtful and kind young woman.”

“Grace College students, faculty and staff continue to pray for the Nesbitt family and mourn the loss of a beloved classmate and friend, Bethany Nesbitt,” the school’s president, Dr. Bill Katip, said in a statement. “We are also working with the family to honor Bethany’s legacy. She will always be remembered for her joyful spirit, her love for the Lord and others, and her positive impact on campus.”

And in another step to honor her, the school has arranged a scholarship in her name, to assist students who have similar aspirations to Bethany.

The family hopes others take heed to Bethany’s story. “Please don’t assume that young people will not be impacted by this virus,” the statement read. “Bethany was careful. She wore her mask. She socially distanced. We urge you to follow health officials’ protocols and precautions. We had already canceled our family holiday plans before Bethany got sick. The risks of gathering in large groups aren’t worth it this year.

“There will be an empty seat at our table the next time our family comes together — and every time after that. This loss is forever.”

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