21 Savage Responds To Layzie Bone’s Diss Track To Migos, “That Sh*t Was Wack As A Motherf*cker”

The beef between Bone Thugz N Harmony member #LayzieBone and Migos member #Offset hasn’t ended yet, and the verdict is still out on the greatest rap group of all time. But, in his latest rebuttal, Layzie Bone released “Let Me Go Migo,” a diss directed at the #Migos and their fellow Atlanta rapper, #21Savage.

21 initially got involved when he spoke against the “old heads” trying to give advice to the new generation of artists emerging. In a separate Instagram Live video, 21 questioned taking the advice of “broke ass n***as” and also insulted Layzie Bone’s wife, saying he has no problem snatching her from the hip-hop legend.

In response to the diss track, the “I Am > I Was” rapper said, “I thought that sh*t was going to be hard, ’cause I love all that old sh*t. But that sh*t was wack as a motherf*cker. I’m talking ’bout…that was probably the weakest diss song I’ve ever heard in my life, no cap. Like, what the f*ck, bro?”

He continued, mentioning how Layzie’s friends shouldn’t have let him release the track. “Who the hell let that man put that shit out, man?  That n***a homeboys ain’t sh*t.”

The same way we haven’t heard too much from Offset, the Migos or P, it’s unlikely that we will hear a response from Savage either, as he doesn’t seem to think the track is worth the time. This continues to escalate as a one-sided “beef,” and Layzie Bone is the only interested party involved.

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