21 Savage Reportedly Launches New Card And Dice Set Following Adin Ross Controversy
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21 Savage Reveals His Plans After Receiving His Green Card: “When I Get My Green Card I’m Going Straight To Brixton”

21 Savage has revealed his intentions for the time when he ultimately acquires his Green Card.

Last Friday, Giggs unveiled his latest album “Zero Tolerance,” which includes a collaboration with Savage titled “By Chance.” In the track, Giggs begins the song with lyrics that establish the track’s mood and atmosphere.

Subsequently, Savage enters the spotlight, infusing the song with Southern charisma while outlining his approach to immigration.

“When I get my Green Card, I’m going straight to Brixton/ I don’t do no hair, but all my Glocks got extensions,” he raps. Elsewhere in the song, 21 Savage also says,  “I got mad pulls on six to London/ F*ck the metal detector, I still brought my gun in.”

If you remember, Savage was arrested by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials when it came to light that he was a United Kingdom native, and had exceeded the authorized duration of his visa stay.

Despite his strong association with Atlanta, he was revealed as an “unlawfully present United Kingdom national.” He legally entered the United States in July 2005 using a visa. Regrettably, this visa reportedly lapsed after a year, and he has stayed in the U.S. without legal authorization ever since.

In April 2022, the rapper’s immigration challenges returned to the spotlight. Reports emerged indicating that his situation remained uncertain due to an ongoing legal matter against him in DeKalb County, Georgia. Federal agents alleged that he disposed of a bottle of codeine outside his car during his ICE apprehension. Formal charges for possessing a firearm and a Schedule II controlled substance were not officially brought against Savage until January 2022 by the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office. Nevertheless, several months earlier, he voluntarily surrendered and promptly secured his release on bail from jail.

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