25 Songs That Will Keep Your NYE’s Party Rocking by :@niksofly

With New Years being around the corner, the last hoorah is creeping upon us. Some of us will celebrate NYE at the hottest club in our cities while others may enjoy a cozy night with our dearest friends and family members. If you are like me, the latter will occur.  Staying in doesn’t mean your celebratory needs should go unmet. Good food, a nice bar and great music will ensure that your intimate gathering is just as legendary as those that are going on at your favorite venue.  Food and Drinks? Easy! Music? Not as much.  A pet peeve of mine is going to soirees and hearing the same mix I hear at a venue or on the radio. If your attendees are able to predict what you will be playing, then you might want to head to iTunes and cop new music, preferably throwbacks and old school. Furnished are my fave joints that will have your cozy evening bumping. There are in no particular order listed, but the songs you choose to incorporate and the order in which you mix them will make or break your night [We all know how buzzed people are when the DJ is messing up the music].

  1. “Humpty Dance”: Digital Underground
  2. “Hey Mr. DJ”- Zhane
  3. “Poison”: BBD
  4. “Feels Good” : Tony! Toni! Tone
  5. “Big Pimpin” : Jay Z and UGK
  6. “1999”: Prince
  7. “Just Kickin’ It”: Xscape
  8. “Da Butt”: EU
  9. “Party”: Beyonce
  10. “Hypnotize”: Biggie
  11. “Slow Jamz”: Kanye West , Jamie Foxx, Twista
  12. “Flex-Remix”: Shabba Ranks
  13. “Rapper’s Delight”: Sugar Hill
  14. “Push It”: Salt-N-Pepa
  15. “Motown Philly”: Boyz II Men
  16.  “I Wanna Sex You Up”: Color Me Badd
  17. “Weak” :SWV
  18.  “Give Me The Light” : Sean Paul
  19.  “Mrs. Officer”: Lil Wayne, Bobby V and Kidd Kidd
  20.  “Danger”: Erykah Badu
  21. “California Love”: Tupac and Dr. Dre
  22. “Regulators”: Warren G and Nate Dogg
  23.  “Candy Rain”: Soul For Real
  24.  “ Nice and Slow”: Usher
  25.  “If Your Girl Only Knew”: Aaliyah


After it is all said and done, when everyone exits stage-left : Hit them with Jamie Foxx  “Extravaganza” or “ Can I take You Home”. I’ve been personally known to play “ Blame It”: Jamie Foxx and “Gotta Go”: Trey Songz.

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