2Pac And Biggie's Arrest Fingerprint Cards Up For Auction

2Pac And Biggie’s Arrest Fingerprint Cards Up For Auction

The arrest fingerprint cards of 2Pac and Biggie have been put up for auction, but fans who want to acquire these historical items should be prepared to pay a significant price.

Moments In Time, an autograph broker based in California, has recently added to its inventory the fingerprint cards from 2Pac’s 1995 arrest for sexual assault and from Biggie’s 1995 arrest in Pennsylvania for robbery and aggravated assault. In the case of Biggie, the aggravated assault charge was eventually dismissed. On the other hand, 2Pac was convicted of sexually assaulting Ayanna Jackson, leading to a nearly two-year prison sentence. Moments In Time is offering a “lifetime guarantee of authenticity” for these cards and is asking for $225,000 each.

On another note, 2Pac’s name has recently appeared in the headlines due to the arrest and forthcoming trial of his alleged murderer, Duane “Keefe D” Davis, scheduled for June 2024. Despite Davis’ arrest, Suge Knight believes that Snoop Dogg is the one who has a significant amount of explaining to do concerning the death of his former labelmate.

“As far as the Puffy situation, I really, really, really gotta have a real conversation with Snoop,” Knight said on his Collect Callpodcast. “I knew that ‘Pac did everything right by him by putting him on All Eyez On Me, speaking about him and being real with him. And if it’s true what they say, face-to-face it’s gonna be a lot of explaining to do.”

There have been rumors suggesting that Snoop Dogg and 2Pac had a falling out shortly before 2Pac’s death. This rift reportedly occurred after Snoop praised Biggie in a radio interview. However, this speculation could potentially explain why Knight believes Snoop may have had some involvement in the shooting incident.

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