Mom Says 3-Month-Old Daughter’s Arm Was Broken At Texas Daycare, Mother Files Lawsuit

A mother demands answers after her 3-month-old baby girl’s arm ended up broken following her first day at daycare in Spring, Texas.

According to Click 2 Houston, the mother, Alecia Jenkins, said she dropped her baby daughter, CJ, at a daycare named Children’s Lighthouse Spring-Harmony.

Throughout her day, Jenkins reviewed the monitors inside the daycare to check on her baby’s care.

At one point, she was alarmed by what she saw, “What I saw was one of the workers reach over into her under the crib to pick her up, and then I saw a panic,” Jenkins said.

Jenkins said she called the daycare after seeing other daycare workers crowding around her daughter. Then she rushed to the facility to pick her up.

“I could tell that she was in distress. And so I saw that I automatically thought to take her to the emergency room,” she explained.

Doctors and x-rays later confirmed that baby CJ’s arm was broken. Jenkins said she has since filed a report with authorities, hired an attorney, and filed a lawsuit against the daycare.

The Children’s Lighthouse Spring Harmony released a statement saying:

We know there are news reports being shared about the broken arm of a child who was in our care, and we take this matter extremely seriously. As soon as we became aware of the child’s injury, we immediately contacted the child’s mother, sought medical attention for the child, and reported the incident to the Texas Department of Health and Human Services.”

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