3 Unorthodox Foods That May Get You Banned or Praised at the Office Potluck

3 Unorthodox Foods That May Get You Banned or Praised at the Office Potluck

The season of festive gathering and holiday potlucks are upon us. Now is your time to shine in the kitchen by showcasing some new recipes to your work family. While most attendees will expect the quintessential casserole or home-baked cookies, what might happen if you go outside the box this year? Think of the impact you’ll leave if you decide to shake things up with some unpopular dishes that your coworkers likely haven’t experienced.

It’s time to think big and leave your mark in the potluck hall of fame by presenting these often frowned upon but well-known meals not often seen at the work luncheon.

Fried Frog Legs

Before you exit this page in disgust, never to return, hear us out. Frog legs don’t exactly scream potluck. However, that is the beauty of the dish. Introduce your work family to something new, something fresh, something UNIQUE, in the words of Beyonce Knowles-Carter. While some foodies prefer this delicacy sauteed, Justapinch.com has a rather tasty-looking fried recipe on their website that may go over a bit better with hungry attendees. 

Pig Feet  

You’re probably scrunching your nose up right now but ask yourself: “Do I want to go down in potluck history or not?” You’ve taken the time to continue reading this write-up. So the answer is obviously yes. Pig’s feet is an old southern classic not often seen at the dinner table of millennials. For this reason, you should enlist the help of the elders to properly prepare this now taboo dish, as there is a method to the madness that can’t be ignored. Take your time cleaning this meat, as you don’t want to be liable for a salmonella outbreak in the office, heaven’s forbid. Once properly sanitized, proceed to season and pop those bad boys in the slow cooker for a few hours. Iheartrecipes.com  has the perfect step-by-step southern pig feet guide for beginners that is virtually foolproof.

Chicken Breast Pudding

A Turkish dish not known to most, chicken breast pudding contains shreds of white chicken meat, cinnamon, milk, sugar, flour, and vanilla extract. If you construct the meal properly, potluck-goers will not be able to detect the chicken in the dessert. Instead, munchers will only taste a thick, sweet pudding with a unique texture reminiscent of fine hairs. Thespruceeats.com can walk you through the perfect execution of this exciting food beauty.

Don’t knock any of this until you try it. We’re aware that this is not what most people envision when walking into work on an empty stomach, ready to eat. However, one must remember that all foods matter. But, if any of these prove too much for you, stick to the family-size Popeyes chicken boxes and Publix sandwich platters that you’re used to. Either way, your participation in the potluck is appreciated. 

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