On the Seventh Day Of Christmas I Bought My Man Some Shoes

4 Days Before Christmas I Bought My Man Some Shoes

There is this old saying that if you buy a man shoes he will walk out of your life. At first glance, this seems to be right on the money because I’ve witnessed many women go beyond the call of duty for their man, only for him to leave her for the next. While this adage may be true, there are other factors that must be examined.
You should never try to buy bae. Whether it be shoes or helping him through a difficult financial time, do not do things with the intent of winning the man over or making him want you. Do things because a) you want to b) you want to genuinely help someone. When you remove the stipulations of this person being with you, it frees you from pain if this person chooses not to be with you. However, I don’t recommend you blindly doing things. Never splurge on a dude that hasn’t repeatedly shown you he is committed to you.
Understand that whether you bought the shoes or not, bae was going to leave. A man that doesn’t want you will never stay no matter if you bought shoes or not. Sis, he had one foot out the door before the J’s. The shoes didn’t make him go, he made himself leave. And you should never have a problem with that because who wants a man that wants to be elsewhere.
You can gift your man if you would like. You shouldn’t gift him with the stipulations he has to be with you indefinitely. At the same time don’t go and become his Fairy God Trick and splurge on a man that hasn’t shown you anything, but penis. Do what is comfortable for you.

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