5 Reasons You Probably Got Coal For Christmas This Year
5 reasons you're getting coal

5 Reasons You Probably Got Coal For Christmas This Year

The holiday season is among us, and although it’s a time for giving, many folks won’t get what they hoped for because God (and Santa) ”don’t like ugly.” Those minor indiscretions throughout the year have caught up to them now, so when there’s a stocking full of coal in your living room Christmas morning, these may be a few reasons why:

5. You’ve been getting your stocking stuffed by another woman’s man…there’s never a reward in that. Whether you let your friends convince you into being a side chick or you’re still holding on to #SZA’s advice, either way, you got caught up, and you’re dead-ass wrong. Besides, how can you expect luxuries from Santa when the man you’re seeing can’t even see you until December 26th? Girl, you’re getting coal!

4. You’re toxic as hell. You’ve probably burned bridges with a lot of people around you because you have the worst negative energy ever. Gossiping about other people’s business, being shady behind friends’ backs, doing bad business, everything about how you maneuver was grinch-like. Santa isn’t rocking with you this year. Enjoy your coal!

3. You’re still a Trump Supporter. Need I say more! 

2. You’re not going to let your children’s father see them on Christmas. Yet he pays child support, buys gifts, and is consistently active in their lives. Personal reasons keep you from being jolly towards your children for Christmas, so Santa can’t be jolly to you. Let the kids enjoy their holiday with both parents next year, and maybe you won’t get coal again.

1. You were too busy hanging out, flexin for the gram, and “living your best life” to help take care of your kids. Did you even buy your kids their gifts yet? Their mother isn’t begging you for any help, so you assume she never needs it. Yet you’re flashing bankrolls online. Your kids have only seen you 4-5 times this whole year. They’re more excited to see Santa than you, and they only see him once a year. Something doesn’t add up. You’re getting coal!

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