5 Signs That He Is Not The Man For You That Women Ignore

This is another post for my ladies. Ladies, if you are with a man that exhibits these behaviors or brings these characteristics out of you then run. Take heed to my list ladies…Sometimes it is difficult for you to see the situation you are in because you are the one that is in it. My goal is not to blame the man in these different situations. However, sometimes we can get with certain people who can pull us out our natural element. People who can bring out a negative side of us that we never knew existed. How do I know this? Because I have been there before! There have been times when I was in unhealthy friendships and relationships with men. The best choice is to either distance yourself from those people or release them fully from your life. Again, these are signs that occur in a relationship but women dismiss as nothing. They assume that that is just the way it is… Or that that is just the way he is and she just has to deal with it. It doesn’t have to be on both accounts.

Asks You To Do Things That You Are Not Comfortable With…Constantly

A man that will consistently ask you to do things that make you uncomfortable or that he KNOWS you are against is giving you a big warning. By doing this he is demonstrating that he is extremely selfish and insensitive to the things that you might be morally against. Or perhaps it just is something that you are not ready to go through for whatever reason and he does not care. Either way, any man that consistently asks you to do things that you have vocalized your uncomfortableness about on several occasions, yet he still expects you to do it for him and to put every bit of your God given good sense to the wayside may not be the man for you. He may resort to saying that he doubts your love for him because you refuse to oblige. You should reply that you doubt his love for you for even asking that of you.

Takes You Out Of Your Natural Element

This is for the man that brings a different side out of you and not in a positive way. This man takes you out of your natural element constantly. Perhaps, you are usually a laid back type of chick who is secure with herself but since you have been with this man you find yourself hiding behind trash cans, peeking behind corners watching this man. You are literally stalking this man, slashing tires and breaking car windows because he came home too last night. You just know he is messing with so and so and wait until you catch his a**. Girl stop! He is not the man for you! Any man that takes you into your “dark place”, which brings an angry, vindictive side out of you, is not the man for you. Honey, this is not love. This is obsession. A man that is able to control your emotions to the point where you release all of your rationale and hand it over to him is not the man for you. A man that gets you to where you don’t even think before you act if it involves him. He is not the man for you!

Doing Number 2 In Front Of Your Boo… When Is The Right Time?

You Get Physical When You Fight

Couples are going to argue and fight occasionally. It is going to happen. But if when it does happen, if you and your man always seem to go down the path of becoming physically aggressive and violent with each other then this is not the man for you. I do not care how many years you have been together, or how many babies you two have made together. If the two of you come to blows on a regular basis, then this is not healthy love. This is in fact the very type of love that will drain you emotionally. Now, I know there are some chicks that get a sick high from fighting and arguing with their man. The s**t excites them and fills them with adrenaline. For those chicks my advice is for you to seek physiological assistance. The real issues in the relationship may not really even be your guy. It may start with you. This is especially true if every serious relationship you get in you initiate the violence. That is your go to move. You are the one who is running up on him slapping him, kicking and punching him. Girls please seek psychological help.

You Never Grow To Trust Him

You guys have been together for ten years and you still are unable to trust him. You are still peeking behind corners looking for him outside his job. Again, the problem might lie with you and not him. Not need to be repetitive. You get the point. Or you should.

He Requires All Of Your Power

Within every woman is her own source of power. It is the little something inside of her that keeps her going when she feels she can’t go on. It is the source that gives her strength. It is the little voice in her head that tells her that she is beautiful, she is loved, and she is special. Some unhealthy men who have the need to dominate over the woman they are with, will feel the need to “break” her emotionally. Men like this cannot simply be with a woman and love her. No, no, no. He desires control over her. With that being said, he needs her to give him all of her power in order for him to feel secure. He is not happy unless she submits to him in every way at his whim. Ladies, if you are with a man that exhibits these kinds of symptoms, a man that is trying to break you emotionally, a man that wants to take your power in order for him to be with you, RUN. Run and never look back. This man has issues that are deeper than just you and him and your love cannot “fix” him. Also, no matter how much of your power you hand over to him he will never be satisfied. He will always crave more and this will be a never ending desire for him.



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