5 Ways You Know You’re Cheating (Emotionally)

What’s the true definition of emotional cheating? Some would say to easily sum it up, it is doing all the things you wouldn’t do in front of your significant other. If it feels wrong, it’s because it probably is. These actions may include accepting phone calls from the opposite sex, inappropriate conversations with the opposite sex or carrying on inappropriately with someone on a social networking site. Some of us may be emotionally cheating on our mates and think it’s all innocent fun, until someone catches feelings. Below are 5 ways to know if you or your mate are stepping out on the relationship.

1) If you’re spending quality time with your mate but still making time with the other, you’re emotionally cheating. Any time you take away from one boo to give to another you are well on your way to cheating, or breaking up. So, if you and your boo made it a Redbox night, turn off your phone. There’s no reason to be accepting texts from the “other” unless you plan on taking that next step with the “other”.

2) Does the “other” person know all of your business and your mate’s business? You’re on your way to emotionally cheating. You’ve literally given that person all the ammunition they need to be able to snag you and trash your boo. Anytime you knowingly give someone that ammunition, you’re basically setting up the cheating to begin.

3) Do you spend more time on social networks communicating with the “other” than you do your mate? It’s safe to say if you are spending more time with one over the other, the other is on your mind and soon to be in your heart. People act as if social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter aren’t real life. You’ll see how real they are when your man is out sexing some girl who he’s been sending subliminal tweets to all week.

4) Does your boo not know about the “other”? If not, you’re definitely on your way to emotionally cheating. If you can’t tell your mate about someone, it’s because you don’t feel 100% comfortable in what you’re doing because you know it’s wrong. If you couldn’t show your boo the text messages between you and the “other” chances are it is inappropriate.

5) If you fantasize about the “other” sexually, you’re just one meeting away from PHYSICALLY cheating. This person has already got you mentally, he’s about to physically get you to drop the panties and as much as you try to fight it,  that’s exactly what you do.

Emotionally cheating usually leads to physically cheating. Some people feel cheating is cheating. If you’re about that life, at least play it safe. Don’t get caught unless you want to be caught and  don’t end up without anything at all.

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