50 Cent Gets Permission To Sue His Former Lawyers, Claims They Cost Him $32 Million In Legal Battle With Rick Ross’ Baby Mama

A federal court judge has allowed 50 Cent to move forward in his case against his ex-legal team, who he believes is to blame for his $32 million loss in the legal battle against Rick Ross‘ baby mama, Lastonia Leviston. 

In 2017, the rapper sued Reed Smith LLP for legal malpractice. 50 said they were the reason he was hit with a $7 million judgment over Leviston, claiming their work on the case caused him to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The firm worked for him for over 14 years and specifically handled the case brought by Leviston, over a leaked sex tape. 

According to The Blast, Reed Smith denied all allegations of wrongdoing, stating the outcome of the sex tape lawsuit was not their fault, pointing out that 50 is the one who, “narrated and then published a sex tape without consent. Not surprisingly, he got sued. After Raymond and Reed Smith defended this case for over five years, Jackson chose to go to trial with new lawyers, and he lost. He now seeks to blame his former lawyers for that loss, arguing that they should have done more, yet should have charged less.”

However, 50 has the judge on his side, who believes there were three witnesses in the case that should have been interviewed but weren’t, and they could have possibly had valuable information that would have helped reduce the damages 50 had to pay.  Because of the alleged lapse, the judge gave him the greenlight to continue his legal war against Reed Smith.

50 Cent Permission to Sue
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  1. ya mean he have the right to sue for 32M… he only got hit with 7M in the judgement

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