50 Cent Talks New Book And The Possibility Of “Power Book II” Being Released Early: “There’s A Strong Possibility”

50 Cent opens up about new his new book and why he might drop the next series for Power early.

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson never stops this grind even during a quarantine. The rapper-gone-TV executive sat down with celebrity chef and talk show host Rachael Ray about his upcoming film and TV ventures as well as his new book “Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter.” Jackson says it was nice being able to sit back and just write.

“I spend so much time acting with the public in an entertainment format, that they don’t see the vulnerability; they just see the 50 Cent presentation. When I got a chance to pull back on it, just being able to write it down and get it into the actual book, [that] is easier than presenting it to the public.” He then goes on to express how he has a better understanding of success and the journey to it. “If you have a long enough career, you’re going to have peaks and valleys in it. There’s points where you look, and the ratings are through the roof; there’s points where it’s flat. There’s different things going on…. And saying to yourself, there’s no amount that you would look at and say,’ OK, I’m successful.”

He says at a certain point, the fame and the money no longer satisfy a successful person. “There’s a point that you’ve bought everything, so you look, and you go, I really don’t want any of these things, so you start to be conscious of philanthropy, and you want to give back to people and help as much as possible. But until you’ve reached that point – it shouldn’t be a number amount. Because we all could exceed expectations. I never expected to make as much money as I made on my first record. And then after you’ve done that, everything opens up, and you start looking at things a lot different.”

Ray also took time out of the interview to tell Fif how much she loves Power. The host asked Jackson if Power Book II might be a part of TV shows and movies he plans to release early. “There’s a strong possibility! We do have to rearrange the dates because the original content for Starz…we’ve got an eight-episode season in the can. We were going to go 10, but the virus stopped that,” he revealed. Ray also celebrated him for his ABC series, For Life.

“[That] project is great,” 50 said. “The timing is great on that. I can identify now – I’m hot! I’m getting hot now. I’m starting to identify with the right material.”

Viewers can catch the full interview on Friday, May 8. Y’all ready for Power Book II?


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