50 Cent Talks ‘Power,’ Possible Spin-Offs, and New Series: ”’For Life’ Couldn’t Be More Socially Relevant, Considering it’s About Prison Reform”

50 Cent sat down with USA TODAY about the success of the series ”Power,” possible spin-offs coming in the future, and his newest series coming to television as one exits.

The six-season series ‘Power’ will soon be coming to an end after Sunday evening. With the popular series ending, there has been much talk of what will happen next for the Power characters remaining.

“You will see those characters. I won’t necessarily say how you’ll see them,” the rapper said. “You may not see them in ‘Power Book II.’ You may see them in a new show.”

The rapper and producer, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, gave details on the ‘Power Book II’ and what we could expect from the spin-off.

“It’s 48 hours after the Power finale. You’d still be dealing with the emotional feeling from the loss that the characters went through here,” Jackson explains. “You lose some characters, but it’s the opportunity to introduce new characters Mary J. Blige and Method Man and other really good actors.”

Jackson’s new series ‘For Life’ will also be premiering on ABC Feb. 11.

The series follows an inmate who becomes a lawyer who represents other inmates while trying to overturn his own conviction.

“For Life couldn’t be more socially relevant, considering it’s about prison reform,” Jackson said. “It has elements of three different genres. If you like procedurals, it has those tones, but not every episode is a different case.”

50 cent talks new shows
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