50 Cent Is Producing A New Animated Black SuperHero Series

Written by: @lessh

50 cent is coming through with more heat. Quibi, an American short-form mobile video platform, is teaming up with 50cent to air an animated superhero comic, ”Trill League,” based on Anthony Piper’s graphic novel of the same name.

According to Deadline, the series focuses on a team of black superheroes that face social injustice and internet trolls. The heroes are tasked with saving the world from monsters, supervillains, and haters from all kinds. The series will also showcase modern American society with a twist from some of our favorite superheroes.

Each show will be offered in an eight- to 10-minute segment. Followed by daily news and sports programming. Users will pay $5 monthly for an ad-supported version or $8 a month for a version without ads.

Who will be tuned in for this new series?

50 cent new series
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