50-Part TikTok Series "Who TF Did I Marry" Sends Social Media Into A Frenzy
"Who TF Did I Marry"

50-Part TikTok Series “Who TF Did I Marry” Sends Social Media Into A Frenzy

A 50-part TikTok story about a failed marriage has captivated social media, leaving fans wanting more.  

The viral series, titled “Who TF Did I Marry?” was presented on the platform by TikToker Reesa Teesa. She documented how her marriage turned out to be a sham with a multitude of lies by her husband. Teesa claimed she married a “pathological liar” before divorcing him after uncovering his massive deception. One of his major lies was about his employment. Teesa claimed the man, whom she identified as Legion, told her that he was the VP of a condiment company. After they began living together during the COVID-19 pandemic, he told her he could afford a $700,000 home for them. However, after they married in January 2021, Teesa learned this was false.  

In fact, Legion is a temporary forklift operator at a warehouse who allegedly used fraudulent documents and social security numbers to try to secure the home loan. Even more disturbing, Teesa discovered that Legion had been on probation for impersonating an officer and criminal trespassing. After reaching out to his family, Teesa learned that Legion’s behavior is not new. 


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Teesa’s 50-part series has garnered millions of views, with parts one and two earning nine million and 15 million views alone. Youtubers have also begun piecing the parts together into long-form videos, which take anywhere from eight to ten hours to complete. Social media has many thoughts about the issue, with some faulting Teesa for missing the many red flags while others expressing sympathy for her. Others have even called on filmmakers to create a movie or show based on the six-month marriage. 



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