6 Days Before Christmas My Baby Gave Me Gifts That He Scammed Using Someone Else’s Credit Card

Could you date a man that breaks the law to keep you fresh? That’s a question that a lot of younger women are asking themselves and the answer is more obvious than many make it seem.


The real question is why are we placing such value on materialistic things? Why is there value on a man keeping you, a woman, fresh? You should be able to keep yourself fresh. And in the event that you find a guy that wants to gift you with luxury things, concern about how he gets these gifts for you should be there.


There is nothing sexy, erotic or captivating about a man breaking the law to get you things that are intrinsically worthless. Risking his freedom and life to keep you fresh should show you that there is something mentally unstable about him. He does not possess logic or reasoning. And if you’re a female and considering being with a man that would do such a thing, then you should be evaluated as well.


There is more to life and relationships than what someone can get or do for you. Money comes and go, genuineness doesn’t. Having a man that will steal for you on a basic level is unacceptable, but having one that will go out and get it legally for you, even if that means working two jobs- now that’s something to glee over. If he’s working towards keeping you fresh as in having the water bill paid, having money to get your hygienic products and a roof over your head, then that is what you should rejoice about. Buying kicks, getting your nails and hair done is cool, but what are you two building towards?


Don’t get caught up in pretentious things. Those things change and fade. There is nothing remotely cute about breaking laws. He scams, you get fresh gifts, he gets caught up and now you’re back to being without the gifts and him. Use your brain.

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