Tekashi 6ix9ine’s Former Bodyguards Refuse To Work With The Rapper Again

written by: @dawnnnyy_

It looks like rapper, Tekashi 6ix9ine, may end up in witness protection after his initial refusal since his security team feels he is “not worth the risk.”

The rapper, born Daniel Hernandez, now referred to as the modern-day snitch, fears for his life in prison and has been persistent with his wishes to finish the remainder of his sentence under confinement in his home. Hernandez seems to be very naive to the situation at hand, clearly overlooking how once released, he will easily be one of the most wanted people on the streets. This alone deters any type of around the clock security he hoped to hire, or even rehire.

Sources with direct knowledge told TMZ that prior to Hernandez going to prison, his reckless, “fake gangster” behavior “unnecessarily put [his bodyguards] in harm’s way.” Since he is now officially a “flat-out rat,” many have cut ties with the rapper for various reasons. However, “one thing they all have in common is that no amount of money he could pay would bring them back.”

The rapper testified against many of his gang-affiliated associates. It is not surprising that there is still lingering beef months after on both the east and west coasts. This is a dangerous game to be apart of, and some security feels, “it’s not worth risking one’s life to protect a guy with zero street cred or integrity — under any circumstances.”

The rapper will be a free man in two years, and if he wishes to obtain the high-level protection he will require for his safety, he better start offering better incentives, such as an impeccable life insurance policy.

This is a developing story as we await more details.

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