7 Days Before Christmas My Baby Made Me Ditch My Best Friend

Relationships are about compromising and if anyone tells you differently, they are lying. It’s a lot of neglecting personal wants to make sure the needs of each other are met. However, in some cases, that need may be for you to get rid of your best friend. Would you do it?


Most people have issues with friends of the opposite sex. Given the perception that most people have slept with their friends, it’s easy to see why your mate wants you to ditch your friend.


The question becomes why? Why does your mate want you to 86 the friendship? Is it an insecurity or did your mate see something that made him/her uncomfortable? The next question is how deep is the bond? Is this a childhood friendship or college career/ freshman year friendship? Or is this someone that you use to date?


If this is truly a platonic friendship with a deep bond, then no, don’t ditch your friend for your mate. Introduce them. Give your mate some sense of comfort, but if this is Kris that you use to knock down back in college – 86 that sh!t. Don’t ruin a relationship behind past a**. It’s not worth it. And Kris wouldn’t give you that much precedence in her relationship.


It’s not like you’re solving the formula to cure cancer. Do what is comfortable for you.

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