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72-Year-Old Black Woman Found Hanging From Tree In Maryland

Police officers in Annapolis, Maryland, confirmed that a 72-year-old woman was found hanging from a tree.

Authorities found the woman’s dead body on November 3  on the 600 block of Belle Drive near the Annapolis Walk Community Center.

A press release, given by the Annapolis Police Department the next day, officers provided more details, saying at approximately 7:30 a.m., they were called to the 600 block of Belle Drive for the report of “an unattended death.”

“Preliminary investigation reveals the incident does not appear to be criminal in nature,” the press release stated.

Longtime civil rights activist Carl Snowden, from Annapolis, confirmed the news on a Facebook post, which said the deceased body belonged to an African American woman.

Snowden told REVOLT that the woman was found hanging from a tree. Snowden was on the scene and was able to identify the victim’s race.

“People are waiting to see what the medical examiner determines the cause of death is, and people will respond accordingly,” he says.

Officials have not yet released the woman’s identity.

Apparently, young children on a bus headed to a local elementary school witnessed the hanging body that morning police responded.

“While walking to the bus stop this morning, some students may have witnessed a tragic scene involving the death of an adult individual,” Richard Rogers and Casey Hunt, principals of Mills-Parole Elementary and Annapolis Middle School, wrote in a letter to parents obtained by the Capital Gazette.

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  1. Are you people serious? Now they are hanging older Black WOMEN what next?

  2. Yes are you People Serious? About your Action on Human Life GOD Will bring every thing into Lite …You will never escape from insane actions it is so devastating elementary kids hat Witten Witnesses and will never never leave their minds and hearts how can a person be so cruel Echo legal authorities doesn’t address this issue trust me there’s other other organizations that will this is so inhumane. How much more do you think a human race can indulge I mean where are here to love one another we’re not here to rape kill hey Miss use anybody’s body as a human being this is up most insane

  3. How could it not be criminal? They made that determination before the coronor completes the autopsy? Her family should do their own investigation. This is why you had 50,000. African American miliniels leave this country last year, give up their citizenship, and move back to Africa. Most were professionals and they took their talents elsewhere where they were appreciated and valued. This women’s death is another example of the barbaric mindset of the people in this country-sad.

    • These MF playing with our intelligence now. We know who’s doing it when they say stupid shit like this

    • So what we going to do? Protest? March? Gtfoh… Eye for an eye.. Remember a bully will hit you as long you don’t hit them back. But bet when you start hitting him back, he’ll think twice before swinging on you again.

  4. This story is about a month old now… I live in Maryland and I also know the family of the woman… No one hung her, she committed suicide she was battling mental illness and was an addict… The family tried to help but she refused… It’s a really sad story… Please keep the family in your prayers

    • Don’t Nobody Climb No Fucking Trees To Kill Themselves If You Believe This Fabricated Story I Have A Diamond Crusted Gold Trimmed Bridge To Sell You She Was Murdered Period

    • Condolences to her family but at 72 and in poor health as you stated, she was able to climb and hang herself?

  5. That’s abbot is disgusting. It’s clearly obvious she was lenched. They enjoy doing these thing to us for decades now.. it’s time we fight back now!

  6. I am from Annapolis and that was a very sad day to here the news of this woman passing. The first thing it reminded me of was when I was a kid and the KKK would hold a rally every year in Annapolis. They use to come to the black neighborhoods at night and put flyers all over the cars, mailboxes, and doors. It use to say what they were going to do to all the black men, women, and children. It was the 3 days out of the school year when we were not allowed to go to school. My mother kept us home the day before, the day of , and the day after. It has got to get better, this is crazy. No 72 year old woman is going to climb a tree tie a rope around it and herself and then jump. People I know that knew her said she was a sweet loving woman, who loved her family especially her grandchildren. Whoever did this needs to be held accountable.

  7. This happens because our men in that town are weak and the demons that lynched her know it. Unless there is an eye for an eye, these killings will continue to happen.

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