Man Pushes 73-year-old Grandmother In Front Of New York Train

Man Pushes 73-year-old Grandmother In Front Of New York Train After Asked To Stop Smoking

A video has been released showing a man pushing a 73-year-old woman on a subway track in Brooklyn, New York.

According to CBS New York, the incident happened around 1:30 PM at the station located on the southbound A/C platform at the Clinton-Washington station.

Authorities say the suspect was smoking marijuana on the platform when he walked by the 73-year-old grandmother, the 82-year-old grandfather, and their 30-year-old grandson.

The report says the grandson was taking his grandparents to apply for Medicaid, but when the grandson asked the suspect to stop smoking, that’s when things took a turn.

The suspect, who is described as having a light complexion, between the age of 25 to 30 years of age, 5’7, and 200lbs, punched Fan in the face. When the grandfather rushed to his aid, he was then beaten. And to make matters worse, the suspect pushed the elderly grandmother onto the tracks of an oncoming train.

Luckily, the conductor was able to stop in time.

But the trio suffered injuries, the grandfather has been released, but the two remain in the hospital with severe head injuries.

“When I saw my dad, he had blood behind his head and a bleeding lip. My mother had oxygen tubes inserted down her throat. Her legs were wrapped in bandaging,” daughter Ren Cheng said through a translator. She was too upset to appear on camera.

“How can there be people like this? You only say one thing, and they turn around and assault you? There’s no law and order anymore in America,” Cheng said.

“There are so many people walking around here that are ticking time bombs,” added Tiffany Coates of East New York.

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