74-Year-Old Grandmother Speaks On Being Sexually Harassed By NFL Running Back Derrius Guice

74-Year-Old Grandmother Speaks On Being Sexually Harassed By NFL Running Back Derrius Guice

A 74-year-old grandmother broke down while detailing the sexual harassment she endured at the hands of NFL running back Derrius Guice.

The incident that victim Gloria Scott disclosed happened in 2017 while she worked as a security guard at the Mercedes Benz Superdome in New Orleans.

During a Louisiana Senate hearing on Friday, Scott said Guice made vulgar comments towards her. At the time, he played for Louisiana State University’s football team.

The hearing surrounded claims that the university failed to properly handle its response to student allegations of rape, domestic violence, and assault, the Daily Mail reported.

‘I’m not just here for myself,’ Scott sobbed as she spoke to lawmakers.

‘I just had to come here today and let you all know that LSU hides a lot of things. A whole lot of things are going on on that campus. He scarred me.’

Scoff accused Guice, who at the time was 20, of approaching her with a group of his friends and saying, ‘I like to f**k women like you, you older women, because y’all know y’all like us young men to f**k y’all.’

‘You know you want this body,’ Guice is accused of saying while rubbing himself up and down and touching his genitals.

Apparently, his friends stood by and laughed.

Scott says she told him to have some respect and that she was a grandmother.

‘My grandsons are not like this,’ Scott says she told Guice.

‘F**k your grandsons. They don’t know nothing, you and I are going to the hotel so I could f**k you,’ Guice purportedly responded.

The whole ordeal lasted about four minutes.

‘I was so hurt, and I was so nervous and upset,’ she told the Senate hearing.

‘In all my life, I’d never had a man or child talk to me so disrespectful like he did.’

Scott reported the incident and received a call from LSU football coach Ed Orgero who offered to put Guice on the phone to apologize to her.

Scott told Louisiana state senators that she refused to talk to Guice and urged Orgero and other athletic officials to stop him from playing in the upcoming bowl game as discipline, but that didn’t happen.

Following the call, Scott never heard from the coach again, and he denies ever talking to her, the Daily Mail reported.

The testimony came at the second hearing brought on by state lawmakers who are following up on an independent report that confirmed LSU had for years mishandled its response to student allegations of rape, domestic violence, and assault, in some instances ignoring the claims entirely.

Guice was accused of rape when he played at LSU, but university officials never looked into the accusations, and he was never disciplined, according to the Husch Blackwell report.

Guice was released from the NFL’s Washington Football Team in August after being arrested on domestic violence charges.

He denies all allegations against him, including claims of sexual misconduct at LSU.

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