8-Year-Old Ukraine Social Media Influencer Announces Relationship With 13-Year-Old Boy, Mom Approves

An 8-year-old social media influence in Ukraine has caused a firestorm of backlash after announcing her relationship with a 13-year-old boy in a post on her Instagram.

According to RT.com, Milana Makhanets, who has almost seven million followers on some of her social media platforms, and nearly 500,000 on Instagram, works as a model, often participating in children’s fashion shows.

She told her fans that her mother approves of their relationship with Pasha Pai, a 13-year-old boy blogger who apparently lives in Moscow.

While the pair have only recently announced their relationship publicly, it has reportedly been going on for some time. The pair often post each other on their “IG stories” and have even posted photos of themselves making out or in their underwear together.

8-year-old dating 13-year-old

Once the story broke on mainstream media, most of the more provocative photos and videos were removed. The account is reportedly run by Milana’s mother, Darya, a major target for the backlash.

In a post on Instagram, Darya explained that she didn’t have a problem with it, noting “this is their life, and they will figure it out on their own.”

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