9-Year Old Boy Charged With Attempted Murder For Stabbing His 5-Year Old Sister

by: @Samaya.Rn

An unidentified, 9-year old boy has been officially charged with first-degree attempted murder for the stabbing of his 5-year old little sister.

Police arrived at Berkeley Pointe Apartments in Ocala, FL, on Monday morning to find a 5-year old little girl mutilated with multiple stab wounds.

According to CNBC, the mother said she left the children alone in the apartment for approximately 10 minutes for a quick mail check and store run to buy some candy for them. Upon returning home, she witnessed her son stabbing his sister. In an affidavit filed with the Marion County Clerk of Courts, the mother said she asked her son what he was doing, grabbed the knife from his hand, and ran her daughter to the bathroom before contacting the authorities, as her son fled the scene on foot. A short while later, he was found by police hiding in the maintenance shed.

The 5-year old victim was alert and able to communicate. She was flown to a nearby hospital where she remains in stable condition as of Wednesday.

Authorities and officials are not naming the suspect nor the victim because of their ages.

When asked by police during an initial interview why he stabbed his younger sister, he responded by saying the thought had entered his head two days prior to kill her. He also said he” tried to get it out of his head, but could not.”

The 9-year old suspect recalled the account, saying he and his sister were in the apartment alone for a short while before he went to the kitchen and retrieved a knife. He said he then entered his sister’s bedroom with the knife behind his back, approached his sister, grabbed her by the back of the neck, and began stabbing her.

Police recovered a knife in the hallway of the apartment complex that seemed to have blood on it.

9 Year Old Arrested

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