Nearly 9,000 People Have To Be Re-Vaccinated After A Nurse Allegedly Swaps Out Pfizer Vaccine With Saline

Nearly 9,000 people will have to be re-vaccinated after a German nurse allegedly exchanged their vaccines with saltwater.

Back in April, a German nurse dropped a vial of the Pfizer vaccine, and instead of reporting the mishap to her superiors, she swapped the COVID-19 shots with saline and carried on with administering the shots. However, her alleged poor decision caught up with her after the police found out through witness interviews, according to Peter Beer, the Wilhelmshaven/Friesland police station deputy head.

Now, people who received what they believed was the shot will have to be vaccinated all over again. Insider reports nearly 9,000 people were vaccinated with the saltwater between March 5 and April 20. The people who received the saline shot were all over 70; police say the nurse may have swapped the vaccine out multiple times.

Authorities had to conduct antibody tests of the people suspected of not being given the vaccine. However, because the vaccinations took place months ago, the tests may not be as helpful, NDR reported.

Police have launched an investigation into the nurse’s motives, adding that the woman shared posts online criticizing the vaccine.

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