Christin Evans

A Black College Freshman Is Seeking Answers After A “Swatting” Prank Sends Cops Storming Into Her Dorm With Guns Drawn 

A black Texas college student is seeking answers after being the subject of a ridiculous prank that resulted in campus police storming into her dorm room with their guns drawn as she lay unsuspectingly in bed.

This potentially deadly situation occurred September 14th at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas, when Christin Evans was asleep around 3 a.m. She was awakened by officers barging through the door with guns drawn and flashlights shining in her face after getting a call about Evans threatening to stab someone with scissors. A mostly white group of students made the false report. Three of them were Evans’ roommates. Her lawyer, Randall Kallinen, is now demanding that all ten students be expelled for the false report, which could have resulted in Evans’ murder.

“This could have been a Breonna Taylor circumstance,” Kallinen said. “Luckily, the police did not shoot Christin Evans.”

In a statement released to Twitter, university president Scott Gordon said that the school “takes this matter very seriously” and is currently investigating.

“Filing a false report violates the SFA Code of Conduct and potentially violates the law as well,” Gordon said before adding, “My heart goes out to the young woman who was an innocent victim in this matter. We will do all we can to support her and her family through this heinous ordeal.”

Kallinen is demanding that they be held accountable for “swatting,” a dangerous prank involving making a false report in order to get police response at an innocent person’s address.

“These adults should be punished for ‘swatting’ and trying to get Christin falsely arrested and kicked out of school.”

While campus police were able to clear Evans of wrongdoing via dorm surveillance, no action has been taken towards the students who orchestrated the prank.

In a video-recorded statement sent to news outlet KPRC, campus police chief John Fields confirmed that the university is “investigating a racially diverse group of students in an incident involving a false report to the university police department” and that “the students responsible will be held accountable for their actions at every possible level.”

The 17-year-old got emotional at a news conference as she spoke about the traumatic incident.

“I’m taking it one day at a time.”

Christin Evans

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