Kenny Burns has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. Everything thing he has learned along the way he has bundled it up in a package and has created The Lifestyle Specialist. A modern Renaissance Man he has continued to make a mark in this world. Baller Alert sat down and spoke with Kenny.

Check out the interview:

1. Thanks for agreeing to do this interview with Baller Alert. Before we get into exactly what you do..please tell us your history leading up to now.

I’m a product of Uptown Washington DC, who has Dreamed & LiVed The Ultimate Dream! Amazingly, I was blessed to make out of the streets of DC and went to Atlanta to “Attend” college, but really to find myself. School lasted a semester, because I became a party promoter, and that entrepenural spirit lead me to the Music, Marketing, Fashion and everything else I’ve done successfully in my LiFe.

2. Explain to everyone what a The Lifestyle Specialist does.

Quite frankly, EVERYTHiNG! I broker deals for artist, I host events and I’m the conduit for Corporate America when the need to exist in our communities. For example, Heineken was a marketing client of mine and they wanted to create an annual event that personified the Soul Music, so I created the Heineken Red Star Soul Tour. Today from that tour, we’ve launched Grammy Nominated Artists Raheem Devaughn, Emily King and Chrissette Michele.

3. You have worked with tons of artist. Tell us what is the craziest thing you have seen a groupie do to get next to one of your artist.

The CRAZiEST thing I’ve ever seen was when I had my artist on tour with Outkast and we pulled up in Arizona and there where all these girls waiting at the hotel.When everyone got off the bus they chose girls, 10min later everyone was skinny dipping in the pool and You already know what happened next…

4. It’s some old footage of Dame Dash has been floating around of him spazzing out. Is this the Dame Dash you worked with? Or was that a one time thing?

Absolutely. That nigga would spazz the fuck out! We couldn’t put out the Samantha Ronson, Rell, Allen Anthony or Nicole Wray albums because of his spazzing! That’s ultimately why he and Jay split.

5. Who are some of your mentors in the business and why?

I only give Andre Harrell that credit in this business, because he showed me the art of the game. How my creative should transend into my everyday life. From my home decor to my marketing plans. He should really be as respected as Russell Simmons for his contribution to our culture.

6. Tell us what happened with the girl group Dream that you put together? You signed them with Bad Boys. How was that? Is it true what they say about Puff having mind control over everyone?

That’s funny, some of them still call me. Basically, I’m a Young Black man being Big Brother, Daddy, Manager and Crush to 4 Young White girls.The parents felt I had to much control and wanted it back. So after a series of battles, I finally was fired by the group. By a letter at that. Each one of them have expressed to me that it was the Biggest mistake they’d ever made.The week the left me, they were selling 90,000 records a week. Two weeks later they dropped to 10,000. KARMA! Yes, Puff is a control freak.

7. How was it working with Mariah Carey? Do you think her and Nick Cannon’s married is real or a publicity stunt?

It was iNCREDiBLE! Before that experience with MC, I hadn’t traveled abroad.We recorded the “Charm Bracelet” album in Capri, Italy. Most amazing place ever. She definitely spends that money! MC is a product of her enviornment, so it could go either way. Nick’s a good dude though!

8. What happened to the Poker Show on BET? I thought it was going to be more than one season.

Yeah, me too. Apperantly, the exec producers got a green light from the former president Reggie Hudlin, but didn’t know that the new President Loretha, would veto it because of a nasty exchange that the exec producers had with her years before. Always remember, the same people You see on Your way up, could be the same You see on the way down.

9. It is some old footage on youtube of Jay-Z wearing a 2620 sweatshirt. Tell us the history of 2620 and how Jay-Z was involved. (*2620 was Kenny’s first company).

DJ Clark Kent introduced me to Dame & Jay when they were working on “Reasonable Doubt”. We clicked off top. I soon began doing street team work for them and putting show’s together etc. I’lll never forget when I saw that on MTV, I had sent him the shirt overnight, because they had be asking for some new fresh and BAM!

10. Is it true that you Kenny Burns was responsible for the change clothes era. When people grew up and threw away their Jerseys?

Yep. I was Vice President of Roc-a-fella when Jay put out “Change Clothes” and those were RyanKenny shirts and cuffs in the video.I’ll never forget when I used to come in the office and they would try and clown my button ups. They used to call my department and staff, “The Dress Shirt Mafia”.

11. You lost a friend to suicide last year because of this business. How do you stay positive and grounded in this industry? Seems like you haven’t sold your soul to the devil.

Well first and foremost, I never needed this business to define me! I was always cool or I could always get girls. So going in I had my own movement. So did My Man Shake. The sad thing is along the way the business changed him. That is a scar that will never go away!

12. Since this site focuses on ballers. What is the most expensive thing you have purchased other than your home? What is the most generous thing you have given a business associate?

Well my most expensive watch is 30k and I have 20 something. I’ve had every car I’ve ever wanted from my old school 63′ Convertable Lincoln with Suicide Doors to My S550 (100k). All of My close friends have been able to create careers of of the BluePrint I’ve provided them. That’s PRiCELESS.

13. What’s next for Kenny Burns?

To advance my celebrity so that I may continue to iNSPiRE the world, by example!

Check out this throwback video of when Kenny was VP of Rocafella/Roc Music:

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