A Daycare Center Is Under Investigation After Footage Surfaces Of An Employee Manhandling a Child, Forcing Her To Stand And Eat

A daycare center in Lubbock, Texas is under investigation after footage surfaced of a daycare employee mistreating a little girl, as her young classmates watched from their seats. 

In the video, which went viral on Thursday, but was reportedly recorded at a previous date, the teacher, who has reportedly been identified as Kay Kae Rangel, can be seen forcing the young girl to stand, while her classmates sit and eat. However, as the girl, who can barely keep her balance, attempted to rest her head on the table, the employee is seen yanking the girl’s hair, demanding she eat while standing up. 

Throughout the video, another employee seems to be recording and laughing as the Rangel manhandles the little girl. But now, since the video went viral, the owners of My Little Playhouse Learning Center have released a statement, revealing an investigation is underway, and that the staff involved have been fired. 

As for the child, her grandmother said she saw the video about 20 minutes before she showed up to pick the girl up from the day care. 

“I was furious. My initial reaction was to come and snatch her head off her body,” said Shanna Walker, the grandmother of the child. “It’s very frightening.” She says the employees there are “supposed to be people that are taking care of [the kids] that has their well being at heart. “But when you come to find out something like this is happening… I know that everyone thinks that their grandchildren are the best. But this little girl, she is the sweetest little girl that you could ever know. And she’s very quiet and very timid. So, for her to sit there and just to pull on her hair – it’s very infuriating. I mean I’m standing here right now, feeling like I’m about to boil over.”


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