A Family Was Kicked Off A United Airlines Flight After Toddler Refuses To Wear A Mask

A family of three is still in shock after being told to get off a United Airlines flight because their adolescent daughter refused to put on a mask.

After the ordeal, Eliz Orban recorded a video on Instagram alongside her husband and daughter Edeline, in the airport, after getting off the plane.

“We just got kicked off a flight because our two-year-old would not put on a mask,” Orban said.

“And we’re banned off United forever because a two-year-old would not put on a mask,” Orban claimed.

When speaking with DailyMail.com, United Airlines mentioned that the family wasn’t banned from flying with the airlines in the future.

However, the surprising video clips showed that the damage was done regardless of the airline’s decision.

One clip showed the moment when a gate agent boarded the plane, walked over to the family’s seat, and asked them to leave even as the couple tried to put the mask on their daughter’s face, amid resistance.

‘Hello, sir. I’m going to have to ask you to grab your belongings and exit the aircraft,’ the agent said.

Orban’s husband then responded: “You gotta be kidding me. Why? We’re over here holding this mask on her face.”

After attempting to explain to the airline staff that they could not put the mask on their daughter because she was crying, they were viewed gathering their things and heading back to the gate.

An agent told them that their bags and daughter’s car seat would not return to the gate and head to their final destination as planned.

“Our child seat is on that plane. How are we supposed to go home?” Orban is heard asking.

“Is this an actual joke?” she questioned.

She revealed that she and her husband are premier silver members with the airlines and “always fly with them.”

“In fact, we had flown with Edeline 4 times already since the pandemic, without ever having an issue,” she mentioned.

In a statement to the news outlet, a spokesperson for the airline stated:

“The health and safety of our employees and customers is our highest priority, which is why we have a multi-layered set of policies, including mandating that everyone onboard two and older wear a mask.”

“These procedures are not only backed by guidance from the CDC and our partners at the Cleveland Clinic, but they’re also consistent across every major airline,” the statement read.

United Airlines has launched an investigation into the incident.

“We are investigating this specific incident and have made contact with the family. We also refunded their tickets and returned their car seat and bags.”

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