A Group of Men Who Posed As Members of the Wu-Tang Clan Busted For Scamming Money Out Of Hotels

A group of men have been accused of scamming prestigious hotels in the South, under the guise of rap superstars, according to ABC News.

The group managed to finesse over $100,000 from several hotels after telling employees they were under Roc Nation, according to prosecutors.

According to a criminal complaint filed at a U.S. district court in Atlanta,  the group reportedly used the name Wu-Tang Clan, which is a popular rap group, as part of their plot.

To make matters even worse, the group of thieves took it a step further and even rented a Rolls Royce from A-National Limousine, who claimed to have lost around $60,000 during the process.

The crooks also managed to ditch The Georgian Terrace Hotel in Atlanta without paying a $45,000 tab, and according to the FBI, the same situation occurred at the Hyatt Regency in Atlanta, as the group escaped without paying a $39,000 bill.

Although things had been going well for the group for some time, it all went downhill with their attempt to do the same crimes they’d been doing, at the Fairfield Inn and Suites, in Augusta, Georgia.

According to reports, the group decided to go big and risk it all and booked 10 rooms allegedly for an artist and his entourage. The hotel staff became suspicious as they reserved the rooms under Roc Nation and Wu-Tang Clan.

The hotel immediately took action, and the hotel sales director called Roc Nation, who denied having any connection to the men booking the rooms.

When Aaron Barnes-Burpo, one member of the rap imposter group, went to check in to the hotel, him and other members were arrested by Richmond County sheriff’s deputies.

However, two of the members alleged that they were homeless men from Atlanta, and had been asked by Barnes-Burpo and a man named, Walker Washington, to be the group’s bodyguards.

As a result of the arrest, Washington and Barnes-Burpo have been charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud and aggravated identity theft, ABC News reports. The complaint reveals that the defendants used a stolen credit card during their scheme and another credit card that is more than likely fake.

However, at this time, other members traveling with Barnes-Burpo and Washington have not been charged.

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