A Jacksonville Rapper And His Father Have Been Charged In Connection To The Murder Of Another Aspiring Rapper

A Florida rapper and his father have been arrested and charged in connection to the death of another local rapper from Jacksonville, Florida.

Hakeem Robinson, 20, who performs under the stage name “KSOO,” was charged last week for second-degree murder. His father, Abdul Robinson, 49, was also brought into custody, but with accessory after the fact charges for reportedly helping his son flee the scene of the murder.

The victim, Charles Quentin McCormick Jr., 23, was a local rapper known in the industry as “Lilbuck.” He was killed in a drive-by shooting on January 15, according to Florida Times-Union. The shooting was witnessed by an off-duty cop who says he saw two men shoot McCormick. He attempted to chase both suspects on foot but was unable to apprehend them.

Following the murder of McCormick, it was reported that Robinson and his father allegedly switched clothes and staged a home invasion. During the robbery, the duo held the homeowner against their will before leaving in a Dodge vehicle.

While the motive behind the murder has still yet to be solved, detectives believe that it could be related to a rap and/or street rivalry.

There was previous controversy surrounding Robinson, aka “KSOO,” after he released the cover art for his album, which featured images of four individuals that had been murdered in the city of Jacksonville.

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