A Judge Will Allow The Game’s Sexual Assault Accuser To Receive $7.1 Million Judgement Money From Rapper’s Royalties

A judge is allowing The Game’s sexual assault accuser collect the rapper’s royalties to satisfy her $7.1 million settlement.

Back in 2015, Priscilla Rainey sued The Game after she accused him of sexually assaulting her on the rapper’s reality dating show “She’s Got Game.” She claimed the Los Angeles native groped her breasts, behind and vagina on stage, and in front of a crowd while filming the program. Rainey says she told Game to stop, but he told her, “Shut the f**k up before I eliminate you!” according to court documents obtained by Bossip.

Last week, Judge Virginia A. Phillips ruled Rainey can start collecting the money from the rapper’s royalties via Broadcast Music Inc (BMI) until The Game pays off the judgment money he owes her. The judge also stated that if Game tried to stop the payments, he will be held in contempt of court and could face jail time, Bossip reports. The outlet reports that Game has yet to respond to the motion. Nevertheless, Rainey’s first payment from Game’s royalties is set to hit Rainey’s bank account this week. Rainey said in court documents that she has only been able to collect $70,000 since the judgment was filed.

Game was ordered to pay compensatory damages in the amount of $1.13 million and $6 million in punitive damages. However, Game filed a motion for a new trial, saying the legal proceedings were unfair, and the amount he was ordered to pay was too much. Despite his argument, the judge supported the verdict, but since then, Rainey has faced issues trying to receive her money from The Game, who allegedly has been harassing her online.

The Game has yet to respond, and no word has been received from his lawyer.

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