California Bars Are Now Required To Provide Drug Testing Tools And Warn Customers About Drink Tampering

A New Jersey Town Issues A Ban On The Presence Of Alcohol On Boardwalks And Beaches

Following the unanimous approval of city commissioners, a “stricter” ordinance has been enacted in New Jersey.

In an early May Board of Commissioners meeting, a recently introduced ordinance was discussed. According to Mayor Pete Byron, the new ordinance not only forbids the consumption and visible presence of alcohol but prohibits the presence of any form of alcoholic beverages.

During an interview with CNN, he mentioned that the ordinance now includes the presence of alcohol on the beach and boardwalk in the town.

“Alcohol of any kind has always been prohibited on the beach and boardwalk. In fact, there is already a sign at every street entrance to the beach,” Mayor Byron said.

The new ordinance will not be implemented during Memorial Day Weekend. However, the ban will go into effect in mid-June. Officials state that the ordinance aligns with those implemented in other shore towns. They add the the ordinance aims to take strict measures against the issue of alcohol possession. The ordinance includes exemptions for designated restaurants or authorized events held on the beach and boardwalk.

“This is a matter of public safety,” Commissioner of Public Safety Steve Mikulski added. “We understand people are on vacation and want to have a good time.”

He continued, “We want everyone to enjoy Wildwood. Drinking, especially in the sun on vacation, often leads to excess and unruly behavior, not to mention increased health risks.”

Nevertheless, individuals who fail to comply with the ordinance may receive a warning or face penalties, which could include a fine of up to $2,000 or a potential jail term of up to 90 days.

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