Who is Claudia Jordan? That was the question asked when Baller Alert profiled her several months ago. Claudia is a model, radio host, and tv personality and I’m sure it will not stop at that. She was primarily known as a Barker’s Beauty on The Price Is Right.

On BA, we love to profile people who are moving on up. After reading this interview…I’m sure you will respect her hustle.

Check it out:

How did you make the transition from “video vixen” to Price is Right to Deal or No Deal?

Well back when I was in music videos they were nice and classy. We weren’t called Video Vixens. We were actually called “Leading Ladies” and they paid good money for us to portray a nice beautiful role. The money was better then. I hear they are getting girls now for $300-$500. I remember I did a video for Master P and left with a check for $7,500. I put that right towards the down payment of my first condo. It’s all a business to me. A means to an end-with class of course. I think people calling these women in these videos just trying to make it that ARE about their business and not just there to socialize are ignorant and some may be jealous of the people that are doing them.

What happened to the talk show you had with John Salley?

The sports show I did with John Salley was called Ballers. It was on BET and we only were scheduled for 6 episodes. It was an extremely expensive show to produce and we were just hitting our stride when it was over. I was really ready to expand my part and show my knowledge of sports right when it was over. We were told we would go on a short break and we would be back, but at the end of the day-the network wanted to go with less expensive shows to produce. It’s unfortunate because that was one of the few shows on BET geared towards adults. And I had a lot of fun. We would all go out with our guests after the taping and dance on couches~ lol…

How do you manage to stay on TMZ?

Well I have no idea why TMZ is on me as tough as they are. They usually don’t hound too many black celebrities… but for some reason they love/hate me. It started off really funny, then they caught me out there after a few glasses of wine on Cinco de Mayo and I said some stuff all in fun…and it was on. They know they will always get a one liner out of me. I will always talk to the press no matter what they say or do. It’s all part of the career that I signed up for. And Yes… some people may laugh at how I am portrayed on the show… but because of all the appearances on TMZ-(as well as my real estate ventures) Celebrity Apprentice came about. Trump would call me when he would see me on there. You never know who is watching. He thought I was funny and he is a ball buster his self. Funny… I am really friends with Donald Trump and I can reach him and talk to him about business or just to shoot the breeze. I have a very eclectic group of friends, from the likes of Trump, to rappers, to politicians, to people that are a part of history… to “video vixens.” I think that’s what keeps me so open minded and accepting of all types.

With all the recent news of these celebrities having stalkers – Do you have any? What is your craziest fan/groupie story?

Stalkers-yes I have had my share. I had 2 ex boyfriend that turned into lunatics. One was someone I dated in college. We ended badly. When I was on Price is Right 8 years later.. he found me. Called my phone and we talked a few times before I realized he was really insane. He said that I talk to him through the television (UMMMMM I had no lines on the price is right) and he said that I did it with my eyes and that I knew what I was doing. He also said that I night traveled. Meaning at night my spirit would travel to Cleveland Ohio and sleep in th e bed next to him. He also accused me of being a vampire and eventually he got physically abusive. I really haven’t talked about this much but I really thought he was going to kill me one night because I talked about wanting to pursue my dreams in california one day. He put hands on me and I was bruised up, ribs wrist, neck. I was on the track team and still tried to compete in my meet the next day. It was heartbreaking.

What role did you play at the Mike Tyson rape trial?

In the Mike Tyson rape trial (WOW how did u find that out??) The victim was my best friend but I was called to testify by the defense. It was really scary and I was just a kid at the time. I really think she should write a book about the entire thing. But she wishes to remain under the radar. She never wanted fame from what she went thru. I will tell you she went through a lot and I was right next to her when she was examined in the emergency room. I held her hand as the doctor examined her and there is so much to say-but I don’t want to exploit her. She’s a good girl and the hate that woman had to endure as an 18 year old girl was awful. Being exposed to the biggest celebrity trial (at the time) at the age of 18 really opened my eyes to a lot of things early in my life. It when I first got to see how nasty people can be towards people they have never and will never meet. By the time I was 21 years old I had felt like I had lived the life of a 40 year old. You have no idea. And looking back-I was totally exploited by my college pimping me out to news outlets, setting up press conferences. I almost failed that semester because I was totally being used for PR for my school. May be I need to write a book one day. Rape is something that unfortunately most women have had a taste of one way or another. It just rarely gets reported. Reports went up after Ms Washington came forward. It was very difficult for her-trust me.

Do you have plans to break into acting?

I have always been scared to jump into the world of acting. Because if I didn’t feel like I could knock it out the park- I didn’t want to put myself out there. I was ALWAYS a late bloomer and scared to be front and center-believe it or not. That’s why it’s so funny I am even in this field. I was going to be a biology major in college. That was the plan since I was a little girl catching snapping turtles and tadpoles in my local ponds. But when my mom made me enter a pageant-my life took a different direction. But I will always have a love of science. I can break down genetic disorders like Trisomy 13 (down syndrome) and tell you all about the birth defect. My final exam in the gifted classes in high school-the teacher disassembled an entire human skeleton and held up each bone and we had to write down the scientific name. Not Thigh bone-but Femur…. I think I scored a 96! Anyway’s… back to acting- i wanted to get more comfortable as personality in my own skin before venturing into it—but now I think I am finally ready. I have received several scripts since appearing on Celebrity Apprentice-so look for me soon.

What do you think of the word “groupie”? Is dating celebrity successful men make you a groupie?

I think words like “Groupie” “video hoe” “gold digger” are just used to hurt people and most of the time are unwarranted. But Sometimes it is. People only see a very small piece of the pie when they are just on the outside looking in. Some girls automatically assume that if a man is super rich or famous-that it HAS to be the woman that is pursuing him and that couldn’t be further from the truth. Like I remember I was dating a really successful man who was an athlete-and it was just a lot easier for chicks to label me as the “Groupie” and the aggressor-than to fully understand what it was. We had a real bond and he courted me like a gentleman. I never like a man right away-so usually it takes me a long time before I even agree to dinner with someone because I hate spending time with people that I don’t know or like. The relationship that I caught the most heat over-was actually very sweet. We talked on the phone for 6 months before we even shared as much as a kiss. I wanted to really know I liked him for him-not just because someone is cute and rich. I get phone calls all the time about successful men that want to be introduced to me. One football player had several of his reps contact me to tell me he wanted to have lunch, dinner whatever. I finally did hang with him at a party that we both just happened to be at and then get accused of being after him-it’s silly. All it takes is a photo for people to misjudge you and draw their own conclusions. It’s funny-I usually get accused of doing things with people that I have NEVER thought of. But the REAL situations I have-hardly ever get talked about!

What is the most generous thing someone has every purchased for you? What is the most expensive thing you have purchased other than your home?

hmmm the most generous thing someone has purchased for me? I really don’t get a ton of gifts. I guess I got to stop telling men how I can get my own! But my ex bought me a lot of jewelry. I mean A LOT. Our first Valentines day- he gave me a beautiful bracelet from Tiffanys And then I lost it and he gave me another one (then we found it so I have 2 Tiffany Bracelets). He also did propose to me and the ring was amazing and almost 5 carats. But it did not work out. But he had very good taste when it came to that stuff and always wanted me to have the best. But you probably already know-I’m a big ole tomboy who could care less about designer names. It just never really meant too much to me. I Think because how I grew up-very modest. My mom is an Italian immigrant who worked very hard for very little money and I still have that instilled in me. I feel some people use those things to over compensate for something they are lacking. Like Yes you have the hottest Gucci shoes-but you’re empty inside. BUT YOU THINK that makes you better than the next girl who doesn’t have that stuff. I really don’t care about it. I get criticized by the ghetto fab girls who put a lot of value on that meanwhile they living in a 2 bedroom with several room mates. But the people that really matter to me, don’t judge me based on what I’m wearing. And when I need to dress up-I do. But really at the end of the day-I’d much rather spend $3,000 going on a trip or making one of my mortgage payments-or upgrading one of my cribs, or investing in something that isn’t a depreciating asset. That’s just me though. But if you see me with something designer-it would have to be a gift cause I just don’t do it. I carry the same Jimmy Choo bag every where that I got over a year ago whether it matches or it doesn’t (and I can’t believe it was almost $3,000!-for what??) . It’s just not that important to me but my real estate portfolio is. And I CERTAINLY GOT THAT! Real estate holdings>>>>trendy bags/clothes/accessories

Did Bob Barker ever kiss you on the mouth?

LOL Bob Barker never put a hand on me. But someone else did and treated me pretty bad. You can look up the case. Let’s just put it this way…. I didn’t lose 🙂 And I made a difference in that work place that wasn’t done in the previous 18 years and I am damn proud of it. I am a champion of justice and really will fight for what is right. There were some racist and sexist things said there…and I wasn’t having that.

Tell us about Foxhole radio? Why do you have an alter ego on that show?

I love doing Foxxhole radio although sometimes I feel like it will hurt me in my mainstream stuff. But it’s very freeing to say just about anything-in the name of comedy. People love the show all over the world and the fact that I can hang with the likes of Jamie Foxx and make HIM laugh is a major ego boost and makes me feel good. We are about to be made into an animated series for Comedy Central and I have another deal on the table that Baller Allert fans and followers will definitely be talking about! TRUST ME! But because of Foxxhole-I have a spin off-my own show called The Claudia Jordan show. It airs monday nights 7 west/10 east on sirius 106/xm 149. Me and 4 of my girls-we don’t male bash. We just talk about issues, and try to get to the bottom of why we are single. Although over the course of the show— a couple of us may have changed their status! It’s really been great to hear the feedback when women just say THANK YOU for saying the things they are thinking but won’t dare to say. I lack the gene for embarrassment- so I don’t mind taking one for the team in the interest of entertainment. I love it. I tell on myself a lot… but I also joke a lot too. So one never knows if I’m being serious or not. Pretty much the one that really knows is Porscha-the youngest. We talk a lot and she knows all my goings on—which I wish was more than it really is. Most nights I am home online writing or watching CNN, Discovery Channel or Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Do you have a man? What kind of man do you like?

Do I have a man? Well- I don’t have a boyfriend or a husband. Growing up I really didn’t think I wanted one. And whenever I get in a relationship I instantly start thinking about how I can get out of one. But once I love and am in love— I do love hard. But I think I have too much pride. I’d almost rather suffer in silence than let that person know how I feel. I am working on it though. I am really old fashioned when it comes to love. I really feel a man should pursue but these Alpha new aged men that have it going on seem to feel the woman should do the chasing and I just can’t get in that race. When I feel another woman is in the picture… I fall all the way back. That’s why I am no good at dating. I have walked away from really good men because of this. I wish I was better at it… but I’m not. I need to feel like I am number 1 because I certainly am not the one to be dating a handful of men at the same time. When I like someone—- I have tunnel vision and it’s all about him. I can’t juggle-nor do I want to. I think with every man you give a little of yourself to=whether it’s your body, your attention or even just your time you kind of water yourself down a little. I tried dating 2 men at the same time…. and it made me not like either one that much. There was no risk cause I didn’t have all my eggs in one basket and to me—I felt I wasn’t giving my all to either and it just went no where with either and I knew then-dating—it’s just not for me. I’m pretty much all in—- or all out. That’s how I live my life. So that’s probably also why people (women) either love me and my spirit or hate me. But I really think I am one of the most misunderstood people out there. I hear that all the time from those that really know me…..hopefully that will change real soon!

What is next in your professional career?

Well Donald Trump hired me to host a really big show this summer-but I can’t officially announce it until I sign the contract. But it’s very major and mainstream and a dream come true. He is like my fairy God father. I don’t know what I did to deserve him in my corner like he is… but I am very grateful. When he met my mom he told her how highly he thought of me and that he was going to make me into a big big star. I said “hey-All I can say is thank you.”
I have been in talks with a network to do a television show which I would executive produce-loosely based on my radio show. I also have a deal that is about to be done—for a very interesting reality show—and the cast—well let’s just say people will be watching. 4 women—and all familiar faces. How bout that for a tease? I do 2 radio shows every week. Travel a lot to host events and do charity work. I am reading several scripts and been meeting with lots of networks since being on the Apprentice people have been calling me telling me they have shows for me. I haven’t done Deal or No Deal since September… but it was recently canceled. But I wasn’t planning on returning after Celebrity Apprentice anyway. Life is good-career-wise. I keep getting approached to do a Bachelorette type show. But I like to keep who I am really seeing/dating/loving to myself-but who knows?

Claudia is on Celebrity Apprentice on Sundays on NBC, Co-Host of The Foxxhole on Sirius Radio (Fridays at 2pmpst/5pm eastcoat, Host of The Claudia Jordan Show (Mondays on Sirius 106/XM 149 7pm pst/10est


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