A Triple Threat Storm Threatens To Bring Potentially Deadly Weather to The U.S. Over The Weekend

In the eastern half of the United States, millions of citizens are bracing for severe weather this weekend, with a powerful triple threat storm system on its way.

The storm system is expected to bring severe storms, flooding, and even possibly ice and snow.

Over 40 million people are under flood watch in parts of Texas, Vermont, Oklahoma, Illinois, Arkansas, Missouri, Indiana, Kentucky, New York, and Ohio, while 20 million others in parts of Texas, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Kentucky, Alabama, and Indiana are under a wind advisory. The effects were felt as early as Thursday in parts of northwestern Louisiana, and a stretch of eastern Texas, as strong wind gusts became more apparent.

This deadly weather is especially dangerous due to the risk of the storms going on into the night. CNN meteorologist Dave Hennen explained how much more dangerous these storms can be.

“Storms will go well after dark, with tornadoes after dark,” Hennen said.

“Tornadoes at night are more than twice as deadly as those that occur during the day, with people not getting the warnings in time.”

Weather storm coming

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