A Vintage Store In Arizona Went Viral On Twitter For Putting Up A Deadly Message About Face Masks

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Arizona sees a widespread of positive cases and deaths, as COVID-19 cases steadily surge across the U.S.

To combat the spread of cases, employers are taking safety precautions. Like many other stores in areas with high confirmed cases, Antique Sugar mandated that customers wear face masks before entry.

The Phoenix store returned for business on June 1, Buzzfeed reported. The store initially had a sign that politely encouraged customers to wear face masks.

The sign read, “Thank you for wearing a mask. Help us stay healthy so we can stay open.”

However, the owner of Antique Sugar said she became frustrated after dealing with multiple complaints from unhappy customers.

“People would come in and argue with me. I got frustrated and didn’t want to have that conversation anymore,” the owner said on a Facebook post.

Vintage Store

Instead of continuously arguing with customers, she decided to take a different approach to promote her store’s health guidelines.

The message started by telling customers not to enter if they do not have a mask. It continued to say, “We’ll be happy to debate the efficacy of masks with you when this is all over, and you come in to sell your dead grandmother’s clothes.”

The store received a lot of attention in the media when someone tweeted a photo of its warning sign. While the store received mostly positive feedback, some people found the message to be “disgusting.”

The owner responded to negative comments by saying that it is disgusting that people are too delicate to wear masks to prevent deaths.

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