woman quarantined with tinder date
woman quarantined with tinder date

Woman Forced to Quarantine With Her Tinder Date After They Both Contracted COVID-19

An Australian woman and her Tinder date were forced to quarantine together after testing for COVID-19.

Sarah Henley documented the quarantine experience with her date on social media, where she showed her negative rapid test with takeaway bags at home.

During the short clip, the pair do laundry together, play video games, and order lots of Uber Eats.

The video was posted two days ago and has been viewed over 14 million times, with people coming up with hilarious comments for the duo.

A commenter said: “Your rom-com movie will definitely be titled Love Sick,” while another wrote, ” At least you would know what it’s like to live with him so you can decide whether or not he’s the one.”

Another user called their story an “Omicron rom-com.”

In a more recent video, Henley posted about how her date managed to whip up a meal in the kitchen for her.

A Tik Toker commented on the video, saying, “Marry him, girl.”

The video has caught the attention of many social media users who said that her date could be ‘potential husband material.’ At the same time, some noted this to be the craziest social media story ever.


Reply to @shanwyborn update: this man cooked me dinner from scratch 😭

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