A Woman’s Vice Part I (An Original Short) by Honey

A Woman’s Vice Part I

“Pascha, everything looks good. I’ll see you in the office tomorrow. Have a good evening! You’re awesome!” “Thanks, same to you.” My boss quickly rushed away and into his waiting Bentley GT at the Rose Room restaurant. He had been in such a rush to see the paperwork he’d gotten me to bring them to a business dinner he was having. We had been pressing on a group to take a deal for the past few weeks and they’d finally relented after I sweet talked them.

I passed the valet my ticket then something or should I say someone caught my attention from my peripheral. I turned my head to get a better view and I instantly recognized him as Vice. Vice was one of the hottest rappers out. Someone had told me this was one of his hangout spots but this was my first time actually seeing him here. Although by day I was a straight-laced corporate lawyer at night I was a ratchet hip-hop fan who knew every word to his songs. Vice was way more attractive in person; he was 6’3, fit build, smooth cocoa skin, sparkling brown eyes, full lips, and an overall smooth appearance. He was wearing white and gold Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers, light blue Balmain jeans, and a plain white T-shirt accentuated by a gold and diamond Cuban links kilo chain.

My face grew warm with embarrassment when his gaze caught mine. I quickly turned my head and waited impatiently for my car. Finally a black Aston Martin Vanquish came into the waiting area. I impatiently opened the passenger door to throw my purse in. I was in a rush to pick my daughter Perry up from my mom’s house and get home to catch the replay of Love and Hip Hop. That’s when I felt a hand tightly grab my wrist. “Excuse you? This is my car!” I turned around with my attitude on 100. “Ummm I’m sure this is my car.” I said as I rolled my eyes. That’s when I realized I was face-to-face with Vice. “The fuck?” He said with a mix of confusion and slight anger.

Just as I was about to put foot into his ass I moved it to my mouth instead when I saw another black Vanquish pull up with my custom vanity tag on the front. My face grew hot with embarrassment. “Oh my gosh. I’m so sorry.” He gave me a slight, charming smile and said, “It’s cool. I’m just glad to see a sister driving her own fly shit.” I smiled, “I try.” “What do you do? If you don’t mind me asking.” “I’m in-house counsel for Merck & Schroeder. Well apart of their in house counsel.” “You the shit, huh?” I shrugged, “I know a little something, something.” I said as I blushed.

I could see the valet impatiently waiting for a tip. I reached into my purse and pulled out a ten and placed it in his shirt pocket. “What’s your name beautiful?” “Pascha.” He nodded his head as he repeated my name back to himself. I looked down at my Rolex Daytona. “Look it was nice meeting you. I’m a big fan but I have to pick my daughter up from my mom’s before she spazzes.” “No doubt. Look can we exchange contact info? I think we got off on the wrong foot.” I reached into my purse and took out a business card. “That’s my personal cell number at the bottom. Use it.”

With that being said I got into my car and sped off. I didn’t give it a second thought to whether or not he’d hit me up; it really didn’t matter. The only thing he could offer me was good company and possibly some good dick. I had my own money and I damn sure didn’t need his. I had to admit though he was sexy.

        “Dinner tonight @ Ruth Chris?” was the text I woke up to the next morning. “Sure. What time?” “8:30 cool?” “Yeah.” “Do you want me to meet you there or can I pull up?” “I’ll meet you there.” “Cool.” I smirked as I finished getting dressed for work and fixing Perry’s hair. My whole week was about to be free because she’d be with her dad. I dropped her off for school and headed into the office. Merck and Schroeder was one of the largest wealth management firms in the world and I was the youngest member of their counsel team black, female, or otherwise. And people knew I was about my damn business. I got the job done!

My day moved by at a snail’s pace just because I had something to do when my day ended. I was praying Mr. Roth didn’t find something for me to do and end up extending my workday which wasn’t uncommon. Before I left work that evening I checked myself in the mirror I was wearing a black Alexander McQueen blazer, a black Gucci knee length dress, and I’d changed from my modest black Christian Louboutin pumps into my sexy black patent leather Christian Louboutin Pigalle pumps.

When I arrived at Ruth Chris I threw the keys to the valet and went directly to the maître-d’s station. “Good evening Ms. Vetter. Right this way.” “Thanks Oliver.” At that moment I realized I ate here entirely too much because he knew me by name and I knew him by name as well. I followed him to one of the more secluded tables. When I saw Vice I was taken aback by how well he cleaned up. He was wearing an all black Gucci suit complimented by black velvet Christian Louboutin dress loafers.

He pulled out my chair for me as he slyly examined me from head to toe. “You look nice.” “Likewise.” “So tell me about yourself Ms. Vetter.” I smirked, “I hate that question. Tell me what you’d like to know and I’ll do my best to answer.” He leaned back in his chair as he formulated his question. “Why’d you take me up on my offer for dinner?” “To apologize. I’m sorry for accidentally taking your car last night. Also I was a tad intrigued.” “It’s cool. It was more so funny to me than anything to me. But intrigued how?” He said as he leaned in towards me and stared into my eyes. I blushed as I said, “I must admit you are attractive and I have a slight crush on you.” “Slight, huh? Interesting.” He said as he stroked his chin as if in deep thought.

I clasped my hands together and seductively crossed my legs to the side giving him all types of views of my luscious legs. “My turn. What made you want to take me out?” “I was intrigued.” “By?” He smiled at me and spoke, “It’s rare that you meet a woman let alone a black woman pushing her own fly shit with an actual career. I just wanted to tip my hat and say you’re appreciated. And you’re sexy as hell.” “Thanks, I try.”

The conversation flowed and so did our the Henny and Coke. I didn’t realize how tipsy I was until the room started spinning when I got up to leave and his condition wasn’t any better. Oliver called a town car because they didn’t want that lawsuit. “Where to?” Vice answered for the both of us “Park Towers.” When arrived to the high-rise condominiums Vice took out two crisp hundreds for the driver.  “Who said I wanted to come back to your place?” I said between silly, drunk girl giggles. He reached up my dress, caressing my thighs and whispered in my ear. “You never said you didn’t.” I bit my bottom lip in anxious anticipation.

To be continued…

Thank you for taking the time to check out my original writings. I am an up and coming urban fiction and erotica writer. To see more of my original writings check out my personal blog The Honey Hive. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much I enjoyed writing it. Part II is coming soon.

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