American Airlines Is Canceling Hundreds Of Flights Because It Can’t Keep Up With High Travel Demand

American Airlines is canceling hundreds of flights due to a shortage in staff amid the rising demand for travel as cases for the Coronavirus go down across the nation.

Hundreds of flights through at least the middle of July have been canceled as the airline tries to keep up with the number of people wanting to travel, CNN reports.

“The first few weeks of June have brought unprecedented weather to our largest hubs, heavily impacting our operation and causing delays, canceled flights and disruptions to crewmember schedules and our customers’ plans,” Shannon Gilson, a spokesperson for the airline, told CNN.

“That, combined with the labor shortages some of our vendors are contending with and the incredibly quick ramp up of customer demand, has led us to build in additional resilience and certainty to our operation by adjusting a fraction of our scheduled flying through mid-July,” they continued.

As of Saturday, American Airlines had canceled 120 flights, and CNN reports the airline will cancel another 50 to 80 flights in the upcoming days. Those who have made bookings through July 15 will be notified whether or not their flights have been canceled.

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