Aaron Glee, Jr. Confesses To The Murders Of Oluwatoyin Salau and Victoria Sims

According to newly released court documents, Aaron Glee Jr. waived his right to remain silent and has confessed to the shocking murders of Oluwatoyin Salau, 19,  and Victoria Sims, 75.

Salau and Sims met when Glee arranged for Sims to pick both him and Salau up at a bus stop after offering Salau a place to sleep and bathe.

The women were then reported missing, Salau on June 6 and Sims on June 11. Investigators eventually found Sims’ body tied up under a bloody sheet in a bedroom in Glee’s house, and Salau was found under a pile of leaves in the woods behind the house.

Glee had purchased a one-way ticket to West Palm Beach, where he has family members and was detained by Orlando police officers at a Greyhound bus station before he began complaining of breathing problems. He was brought to an Orlando hospital where he talked openly about the murders, USA Today is reporting.

Glee told investigators that he chatted up with Salau on June 6 at a bus stop. She told him she had been sexually assaulted, which she had posted about publicly on social media. He offered her a place to sleep and bathe and called Sims, who frequently gave him rides, to pick them up and take them to his house.

Video footage confirms Glee’s version of events.

“That footage also demonstrated that she and Glee did engage in an extended conversation while seated on a bench at the bus stop,” the report says. “At approximately 7:07 p.m., a white Toyota, the same make and model of the one owned by Sims, arrived in the area of the bus stop. Glee and (Salau) departed in that Toyota moments later.”

After arriving at his house, Glee tried to have sex with Salau, and she rejected him. Glee overpowered Salau, and after sexually assaulting her, he tied her up and kept her in his home for three to five days. Glee could not be sure of the exact timing because “he was heavily under the influence of alcohol.”

Over the course of the time she was held captive, Glee sexually assaulted her repeatedly, only untying her occasionally so she could eat and bathe.

Glee, who has an extensive prison record, was afraid that if he let Salau go that he would end up back behind bars.

“Glee stated that he was aware that he would be arrested and likely sentenced to prison if he allowed Salau to leave the residence,” according to the arrest report. “Glee indicated that he determined that his only course of action was to end her life.”

Glee tied Salau up in a way that he felt would make it difficult for her to breathe and cause her to die. He checked on her over the course of the next few hours until “ultimately, he entered into the bedroom and determined she was deceased.”

Investigators believe Glee ransacked Sims’ apartment, stole her car, and kidnapped her. Her car was found stuck in mud outside of his house, USA Today report.

Glee has been charged with two counts each of murder and kidnapping and one count of sexual assault. He was held without bond in a court hearing on Saturday in Tallahassee.

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