Nicole Martinez

Abducted Florida Teenager Found In Virginia With Kidnapper

A Florida teenager who was kidnapped at gunpoint along with her family has been located safely. 

The scary ordeal took place in Pembroke Pines when 18-year-old Nicole Martinez and her parents were forced into the family’s pick-up truck by Jaddier Sanchez early Sunday morning. Investigators said that Martinez’s parents were familiar with Sanchez through their daughter, though their relationship’s nature was not disclosed. Authorities say that the three were held at gunpoint inside of the truck as Sanchez stopped at multiple ATMs, forcing the parents to make numerous withdrawals. 

After taking the money that the parents withdrew, the 37-year-old abductor reportedly pulled over and ordered the parents out of the vehicle in Belle Meade before speeding off with Martinez against her will. 

Luckily, Martinez was located Monday morning in Alexandria, Virginia, with Sanchez sometime before 1 a.m. Monday morning. He was apprehended while the young woman was taken to a nearby hospital for unspecified injuries. 

Sanchez has been charged in Virginia with weapon and drug charges, as well as one traffic offense. Florida officials are still deciding on charges in their state. As of now, they are considering charging him with three counts of kidnapping and single counts of armed robbery and grand theft of a vehicle, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

Sanchez has a long rap sheet. He has been convicted of aggravated battery, kidnapping, armed robbery, and domestic violence with intent to kill.

He is expected to be extradited to Florida in the upcoming days. 

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