If She Has Access To You, I Don’t Want You


I’m territorial like no other with family, friends and the guy that has my attention. Maybe it’s because I’m an Aries.

If I am dealing with someone and he has an ex or a drive by that won’t move on, I can not deal with you. I mentally check out of the relationship before I physically leave.


It has nothing to do with insecurity, but everything to do with respect, especially if these said women wouldn’t allow this type of behavior to transpire with them.
But because he allows it, they will continue do it. I’ve been known to check a female or two because we know what we are doing when we are being disrespectful, but I believe the correction should come from the dude.

I don’t care if he and your kids had such a great relationship. You have a new man and he is dating someone else, confide in Jesus. He’ll never leave or forsake you. There is nothing friendly about individuals that shared sex faces.
If a female can call or text your dude when she pleases, then you should move around. The only female that should get his undivided attention is his mother and/or daughter if he has a child. If another woman has access like you have access then there is a huge problem.

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