Actor Jon Voight Goes On Political Rant; Says Trump Is the ‘Only Man Who Can Save This Nation’

Hollywood actor Jon Voight made an anti-left video bashing President-elect Joe Biden, California Governor Gavin Newsom, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi while praising Donald Trump.

Voight, 81, is known for sharing his conservative views and support for soon to be former White House resident Trump on his Twitter account that has a following of half a million.

Seated in front of an American flag, the actor’s latest rant this time around aimed at warning others about Biden’s upcoming presidency, claiming that Democrats “want to destroy America,” Fox News reports.

“We’re heading down a street that has no name now. We must not allow our nation to crumble,” he says. “Let me warn you all that we are in great danger if we fall under a Biden administration.”

He then moved on to California governor Newsom, slamming him for his new COVID-19 restriction. “Our state, California, is being ruled by a leftist mob,” Voight continues. “Gov. Newsom is taking away our freedom, your freedom. He is a disgrace to mankind — he and his relative, Nancy Pelosi, who has tried to bring President Trump down.” He went on to blame Newsome for the state of closed business, which he said has destroyed lives.

“He is a lie like all the left that are trying to destroy the USA. I ask us all to fight this battle now to get them out,” he added.

“Let the truth show itself that President Trump is the only man that can save this nation.” After Biden was announced as the projected winner of the election, Vought went on social media to warn others that there “will be a price to pay.”

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  1. Thank God he don’t speak for ALL American people!! He 81 years old and probably dealing with Dementia.

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