Actors File Lawsuit Against CBS After ‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Jewelry Heist Scene Shoot Possibly Turns Deadly

Actors on NCIS: New Orleans are suing CBS after their lives were allegedly put in danger while shooting a jewelry heist scene.

Three actors involved in the alleged life-threatening scene are now suing CBS for allegedly misleading them into shooting a realistic, “guerrilla-style” armed robbery in the daytime, TMZ reports. The actors claim things escalated from imaginary to too real when real police officers showed up and pointed their guns at them. The actors say the scene was shot without permits and that cops and neighbors were not notified that there would be recording in the area.

The actors say they were scouted by NCIS producers back in October 2017 and were told they would be acting in a robbery scene; the men agreed to do it allegedly with the understanding that it would be a traditional television shoot, including permits, police present and standard safety protocols, TMZ reports.

However, the men say the production did none of that and never told any of the businesses that were surrounding the shoot that that scene would be getting recorded. The shoot was located in a busy New Orleans shopping center, the outlet reports. The lawsuit states that the owner of the shop next door called the police after seeing actors wearing ski masks jump out of an unmarked van carrying realistic assault rifle props.

Police immediately arrived at the scene, pointing their real guns at the actors. The actors say if anything would have gone wrong, they could have been killed. The men described the entire incident as horrifying and traumatizing, and say they are still suffering from psychological pain. They are now taking the network to court for damages, TMZ reports.

CBS has filed documents to get the case dropped out of California courts, saying that the incident happened in Louisiana and because of that it should be filed there. But the men’s lawyers fired back saying the lawsuit was filed correctly in California as that is the state in which the show is produced.




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